Ek Safar ( Hindi Love Poems And Poetry )

Ek Safar ( Hindi ) Ek safar kuch aisa bhi kiyaKuch hamesha ke liye pichhe chod diyaAur Kuch saaye-sa jod liya Rang bhare ujalon meKore...

The Sky|Badal|आभाळ|Hindi , English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

The Sky (English) Let a cloud come to my heart todayLet me wipe away all the fog The words are on your lipsMy heart should be...

Sita Ram|सीता-राम|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Sita-Ram ( English) Ram Ram, I say your nameYou made the worldSita became your prideYou became such a godYou too in front of peopleCouldn't do anythingFor...

Will Bloom|Phoolbel |फुलवेल|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem

Will Bloom (English) They will bloom is in the embrace of the treeLike a serpent,There is a crowd in the skyLike clouds falling Every dream he...

This Wool In The Cold |Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

This Wool In The Cold (English) In the cold it is woolLet it sound like your wordsThis cold in the sunLet it float in your eyesMeaning be with youAnd...

Mom|Maa|आई|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Mom (English) You talk to meThis life of a few momentsWhen you look at it, you thinkYou are the first ray of the sunYou are the shadow...

Mom and Dad|Maa-Papa|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Mom and Dad (English) I'm a little dollYes, mother will embrace youHolding your handI will stand in front of the worldIn each of my...

Beautiful Dream Fairy|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Beautiful Dream Fairy (English) A beautiful dream fairyShe should be at my houseGlad to see that her mindShe should have a magic...

Sin Of The Spirit|Mann Ka Paap|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem

Sin Of The Spirit (English) Don't commit any sinWhat you can't see Understand yourselfThen no one can stop you, You are different from...

New Morning |Nayi Subah|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

New Morning (English) There will be a new morning againAgain there will be a new location Air will be shyHappiness will begin