The Sky|Badal|आभाळ|Hindi , English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

The Sky (English) Let a cloud come to my heart todayLet me wipe away all the fog The words are on your lipsMy heart should be...

Sita Ram|सीता-राम|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Sita-Ram ( English) Ram Ram, I say your nameYou made the worldSita became your prideYou became such a godYou too in front of peopleCouldn't do anythingFor...

Will Bloom|Phoolbel |फुलवेल|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem

Will Bloom (English) They will bloom is in the embrace of the treeLike a serpent,There is a crowd in the skyLike clouds falling Every dream he...

Mom|Maa|आई|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Mom (English) You talk to meThis life of a few momentsWhen you look at it, you thinkYou are the first ray of the sunYou are the shadow...

Mom and Dad|Maa-Papa|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Mom and Dad (English) I'm a little dollYes, mother will embrace youHolding your handI will stand in front of the worldIn each of my...

Beautiful Dream Fairy|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Beautiful Dream Fairy (English) A beautiful dream fairyShe should be at my houseGlad to see that her mindShe should have a magic...

Sin Of The Spirit|Mann Ka Paap|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem

Sin Of The Spirit (English) Don't commit any sinWhat you can't see Understand yourselfThen no one can stop you, You are different from...

New Morning |Nayi Subah|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

New Morning (English) There will be a new morning againAgain there will be a new location Air will be shyHappiness will begin

The Moon|Chand|चंद्र |Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

The Moon (English) It is as bright as the moonYou are also a prayer When is the testYou are also a will Have...