Ek Safar ( Hindi Love Poems And Poetry )

Ek Safar ( Hindi ) Ek safar kuch aisa bhi kiyaKuch hamesha ke liye pichhe chod diyaAur Kuch saaye-sa jod liya Rang bhare ujalon meKore...

Grandfather|Dada ji|आजोबा|Hindi , English & Marathi Poem

Grandfather Got a nice cute budThe wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportionHe took her in his armsFelt nowThe rest of your life should...

Will Bloom|Phoolbel |फुलवेल|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem

Will Bloom (English) They will bloom is in the embrace of the treeLike a serpent,There is a crowd in the skyLike clouds falling Every dream he...

Mom|Maa|आई|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Mom (English) You talk to meThis life of a few momentsWhen you look at it, you thinkYou are the first ray of the sunYou are the shadow...

Beautiful Dream Fairy|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Beautiful Dream Fairy (English) A beautiful dream fairyShe should be at my houseGlad to see that her mindShe should have a magic...

New Morning |Nayi Subah|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

New Morning (English) There will be a new morning againAgain there will be a new location Air will be shyHappiness will begin

A Bud|Ek kali|एक कळी|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

A Bud One bud blossomed with soft petalsA bud blossomed in the rainA bud touched the fleshA bud went through the mindA bud became the companion of cold...

Color|Rang|रंग|Hindi, English & Marathi Poem/ Poetry

Color How to smell the color of the colorsIt knows what colorsThat new ray of mind colorIt’s a strategy of colorsA small pylon of mind flowersIt's a...

The Light Of The Lamp|Diye Ka Ujala|Hindi & English Poem

The Light Of The Lamp These threads of the skyCome to mind and meetNow this Paul is walking towards youThese drops of waterThe mind goes downLeads us...

New world|Nayi Duniya|Hindi English Poem

New world Like the stars in the skyI want to live tooLike that pole, me tooThe sky wants to shine                             Like the waves of the sea                             Want to touch the sand...