You are my life ♥ Cute love quotes for him

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Audrey Norton says:

I Am Not Your Type. I Just Can't Understand What You Want From Me. Because You Are Up To Something. 🤔🤔

w u says:

Wow💗💕nakaka inlove ka na ha💗😍💕I 💗💕

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

So cute! xoxoxoxo

Diane Hayse says:

I love you Baby.

Muhammad Irshad Chughtai says:

U r also my priority

Muhammad Irshad Chughtai says:

Only u r my proud
Without u I am nothing

Muhammad Irshad Chughtai says:

Ur laughters are so cute and mindblowing
Ur sweet style of angry talking
Ur hiding behind ur friends and look at me un noticing me
I love u completely

Muhammad Irshad Chughtai says:

O my heart touch ur apethy ur sympathy
Ur care
Ur sweet anger
Ur eye cntct
Ur choice me only
For all that
My Sweetheart KD!
I love u…..
I miss u

Muhammad Irshad Chughtai says:

I love u too my Sweetheart………….

Virginia Lacar says:

You are the only one man band of my life!!! I love you and cherish you!!!

Phethile Maseko says:

Love u my baby

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

OH!YOU xoxoxoxo👌👍😍😍😍💕😉😉😜

Audrey Norton says:

I Love You Always Honey. You Make Me Knows For The Past Years What Love Really Is. You Are Everything To Me Honey. 💓❤️💓❤️

Alyssah Alyssah says:


Laurie Estep says:

My very dearest chris,
I thank you for your understanding and patience with this woman who would save you from any hurt and wrap my loving arms around you and tell you everything's going to work out I know there will be storms but togather we can hurdle them . That's what true love is I love you my dearest life.

Angel Fame says:

Then why not come to get me

Bridget lee says:


Mike or patty Rhoades says:

You are so funny MOM hahaha LOL. love you always💋💋💋😉😉😉

Bridget lee says:

My heart has been searching for you all my life thank God I have found you!!💔😢

Patricia M says:

I am a bit confused about this one, why on earth would you feel this way about your mom. Was this an error…..or what.

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