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My Declaration of Love to You – Romantic Phrases – Poems. 328
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jhara pata says:

So heartwarming lines.. Thank u so much for making such a beautiful video..

Jennifer Kotcher says:

If i DIE because i loved you.. its better than living my life without your loving words in my HEART..

Ruth Barron says:

"YOU are My SUN, My MOON, and EVERY STAR.." 😀 <3 😀 <3 😀 <3

Leila Reddy says:

It will be fun to watch the real kaffir in the Beatle oh n the man look now that you grew up lol
So you moving with imo now as a man

Rhonda Soullier says:

I am remembering the first time i played that old Phoebe Snow song (Poetry Man) before I knew you were a poet and that song is so true and captivating it reminds me of you so much.

Rhonda Soullier says:

Lovey I want you.

Rhonda Soullier says:

Please lets be loving to each other and let the attacks and the bawling subside. Let us be a couple of earthy Taurus people and be free of disagreement for a night. I'm done here at 6pm and I'll be straight home, I've sent a couple of texts to that old number and pish tosh nothing. You can't blame me my one love. I'm so sorry about my bitching. I never knew I could be so bitchy, only in writing. Hugs Quiet One. I love you.

Rhonda Soullier says:

To be intimate is to be private and to be vulnerable, freedom.

joleen wilson says:

You are so romantic.i would love to be with you alone.i love being right beside you.

Grace lind says:

Beautiful quotes, I like them….
I am very humble and happy girl…
Regards : From my heart to your heart…

Jeanne Lamel says:

Breathless👏Beautiful Love💗I Wish I Can Find Love Like This…Unbreakable🎁💗

Margaretha Mimi says:

very nice song. thank for you have In my life. My love


That was breath taking

Lorena Ramírez Acosta says:

¡My sweet love! You are my greatest and most Beautiful motive of love, to whom I send hugs and kisses through the wind, the moon and the stars, you are my adoration, you are the melody that is heard to the rhythm of my heart, you are the brightness in my eyes, the voice that I hear although yo do not speak to me, you are my present and my Beautiful future, only one, you are my Beautiful motive for wich I can write a poem, only because I live you, Just because I think you, only because I feel you in me. ♥ I love you ♥

sokha soch says:

I Love YOU as well, my dear!!!….

haengmi park says:

You don't need to hide any more… I knew that why you are behind me and you were there You knew about my jourey God planned me to experience all suffering and I knew for surely at the end of my journey God has you prepared for me you were my step lamplight. I found my lord's love for me from in your eyes. You are my inspiration. I love you my angel.

Ann Harrison says:

Therefore I will let you breathe fresh air and release you to have the freedom you so deparately need because I love me….and you.

osito de peluche my garden says:

mi love is bery hard this day For mi maryurie i love you

osito de peluche my garden says:

i need see you

osito de peluche my garden says:

i need your Kiss my Love maryurie Astrid

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