Unconditional Love Quotes For Couples

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Unconditional Love Quotes For Couples.

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Frankie Flowers says:

My black heart 🖤 is in love with you.

Victoria Highfill says:

You could have the love your heart desires and your dreams come true but you let others get in the way of your happiness.
It was not me…..but you.

Jane Hernandez says:

Hi, love u. Just wanted to say that.

Jane Hernandez says:

G'nightlove, have a good sleep. I love u to the moon. Will c u in the. morning

Angela Downie says:

Karma is so right

maria mistretta says:

Unconditional love is best find of love animals have compassion and are more loving then the humans. People can learn alot from them. 😀

Sharmella Krishnasamy says:

You have no right to talk about unconditional love. You really don't know the meaning of it. And this quote is pure nonsense like you. No wonder you like it. " The best thing in life is meeting the person who sees the best in you and always brings out the best in you and believe in you even the whole world is against you, and wish to see you happy and smiling forever." That is unconditional love.

Doris Komba says:

So what are the mistakes that can make a person want to punish another person for. as far as am concern know one is perfect not even one person

sumbul halim13 says:

Yes only family member do so

Renee Ren-Patterson says:

So appreciated for sharing the "Unconditional Love Quotes for Couples" which are bring the knowledge and make me learnt to understand between what is a real love and unconditional love??? Thank you for the lesson…..

kirmora molone says:

When you are a loving person you will understand this. Thank you for this. Simply Beautiful! Simply AWESOME

Sulistiyo Rini says:

Thanks for sharing..
I 💖 U too..


These are some of the best heart felt quotes I've read. I truly thank you for sharing.
Baby I understand that life isn't gonna be perfect all the time but, as sure as I am writing this comment, i want you to know that I will never give up on us.
Love you sweetheart.

maria jacobs says:

this is
most be beautiful quotes to some up love and feelings
thk you
me so hard to love one he never return the word but I will always love him not a word comes from the heart ❤❤❤❤

Abhirup Ghosh says:

I love my momm.
Because she is the only whom full filled all of these magnificent quotes.thank momma

Aidah Abd Ghani says:

I guess it's true thst real love cannot be stolen unless you let it be stolen…Actually when it come to this matter we decide what to do….

Crystal Sanders says:

A little to fast on these can not read them

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