True love is | Valentine's Day | Valentine's Video | Best Romantic Love Quotes for him and her

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What is true love? True love is! explained by Tapan Ghosh on this Valentine’s Day.

Love Quote 1. True love is when all differences vanish with mere eye contacts.

Love Quote 2. True love is not bound by relationships, nor is it defined by one.

Love Quote 3. True love is infinite. It has no cosmic boundaries.

Love Quote 4. True love is… beyond definition.

Edited by Tushar More

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Bratini Chakraborty says:

Wonderful video 😊

bhavya says:


sonali dey says:

True love 😍

Abhijit Hota says:

Lovely post sir

Vivek Sonawane says:

Ishq wala love .. hota hai jo love se jaaa paise wala love

Aanu Kamal says:

Everyone comes in our life for a reason. Those who don’t have any, stay.

askaan khan says:

Happy Valentine’s Day dear


Love and life is very difficult and different

siddivinayak mandal says:

Nice video of love and romance

Pranay Mhatre says:

Hmm .. valentines day is closed

Ashish Kannujiya says:

Khushboo Bankar Teri Saanso Mein Sama Jayenge,
Sukun Bankar Tere Dil Mein Utar Jayenge,
Mehsus Karne Ki Koshish To Kijiye,
Dur Rahte Hue Bhi Pass Najar Aayenge.

Mohammad Altamash Shaikh says:

The video is best and love it

Pradeep Patwa says:

The love and romance are differences

Manish Paul says:

Nahi pata hai .. ki hmaraa sath kaun daga life mein .. Par life to hamari hai

Indra Kumar says:

kya video hai. . about love and the love is really true. .

Rekha Pathak says:

Well video on Valentine's day

Sujitpandey Pandey says:

Nice song and video .. Beautiful

Ashwini Mhadnak says:

Nice song yaar best

Rahul Raj says:

nice yaar bhau

Manisha Mourya says:

aankhe to pahli bar mein milti hai .. pyar bhi tabhi ho jata hai .. happy SLAP DAY TO ALL ..

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