Top 40 Love Quotes That Express Exactly What 'I Love You' Really Means

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kencho zam says:


muhammed haneefa says:

U more give me and other people feel poison u control difficult

Krishnaiah Rangaiah says:

Are you in love with some other girl.

Krishnaiah Rangaiah says:

Why are you calling me just best friend deepak iam more than that for you right from lover you are making me best friend it hurts me

Nadia Ghalem says:

You are crazy, me too

mary joseph says:

Hey what about you Beautiful fly do not be so selfish ok fly is the first Priority Pl ra. you will be cursed by God you don't act selfish ok you should tell me first about it then talk why you dot take ph .no guts ?

Renaissance Man says:

That's so fabulously said that I, even can't add anything else to it. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

mehnab khan says:

I love you !

Maria Mercado Maglalang says:

Sometimes u better used a white lies so that u can go an easy way. How can you leave if have an emotional between for saying good bye…. matunaw ang mundo mawala ng lahat pero ang pagmamahal ko sa yo di magbabago. Kaya minabuti ko nang kusang lumayo sayo para sa kaligayahan mo. Kc alam kong di ako ang pipiliin mo galing nasa yo. Mas higit kang akong masasaktan kundi kita kalayuan . Bahala k na iispin mo sakin ang sasakit . Pero ako pa rin dati mong friend malinis ang kalooban at puso na laging handang umunawa. I call it sacrificings love my favorite eversince. God bless us thank u very nice qoutes.

Patricia Murphy says:

just words
.in do so many directions. what's the truth…. 😯😑

Mystique Lou says:

You won't always be stronger together maybe but hollow

Flower rose Gumamela says:

She honest no one same

Michele Beers says:

you have to try pork stew tell mimi what you think be truthfully I can take it tell mimi truth OK ring on mimis finger mike got mike too

Michele Beers says:

trying to make my sentences shorter mike next one longer too your worth it baby boys girl al we need is tkeep trying god decides if we have baby boy maybe ir girl maybe too love ya mikemimi too

Michele Beers says:

you learn to love again tonight to someone like you that we were more compatible then I thought I'm so glad we stayed togetherness learned to support us only guy I want in my life you I Mimi thsnkyou mimi forgive them who tryed to break us up your warm body your welcome in our lives you are first second a last forevermore my better half mike 😎😘😎😘😎😘😘😎😘😎

Michele Beers says:

mike its your mimi mike I made a t to jiffy mart again town ght great darrows mimi stay with you mike too in mikemimi too N ghty mouse I would love to live your life twice but if we do we do it all over again tonight secure your mimi missed you mike sorry not over ever fade too happy new year too my sweetie you pick mimi up new years eve tree inside towers mimi and kathey did the two trees yes we did yup first new home mike number one in mimis life told her mimi I dog paddle cutey mikemimi OK we walk her togetherness mike morning tonight if its mimimikey mike mimi got mike cant wait better weather thank god yes talk Mimi ready to talk important us OK tonight kisses mikdmimi jean help Fri again tonight kiss if its mimi me I love you you see mimi cross the road this morning before eight am walk last walk too cold this week long enough for anyone mimimike soothing too we terrific fantastic seemed nice to get fresh air its bought one yup you butterflies up warm mimimikes arms around again tonight kiss got present for your mom and Emma you mike Santa clause came early five pm thirty great come Fri after move some things you too mike mimi my guy sweet guy mike gentle and strong arms mike mimi got strong mike thankyou for being the Nice's guy in lebanon nh diner we try diner mimi don't give up mike too got mimi got mike my quarter back herray patriots tonight last night on in mike OK ring lover baby boy my new born baby boy girl too god decides mikemimi us too up mimi have lunch with Lilley come get TV OK comes OK she's nice to mimimike too mimi for mike my love for you is terrific fantastic want you mike you still do plowing mike OK mimi ride with mike mimi ride with mike do plowing mike OK anytime move some n yes yes we talk about able program togetherness wait in morning yup Fri Mimi tell you about it great darrows thrive OK maybe different job better OK you sweetheart mimi want to be pere support specialist try get to my love too my goal OK ring mimi so excited to about us no bob he get his own gal right not here just mike for mimi from mike too my best friends no worry anymore about us we terrific fantastic funny mikemimi too we mighty mouse clubhouse got OK you help mimi feel beautiful gal yours too mickey mouse here OK we mimi wants mike to feel like like a hunk yes mike my strong and gentle guy mike like a waterfall reminds mimi of your strong but steady mike completes us lovet hope tonight your welcome oh want your sweet kisses mike got too mimi

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