The Saddest Quotes about LOVE Ever Written

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Sowmya Mishra says:

Simply awesome……no words to express…

Mia-Sara King says:

Lovely outside you had playing in the background, it echoed the feelings in your words

Mornette Potgieter says:

I send you rainbows and rainbows of loving energy, blessings and light, what a beautiful heart and soul you have , and you are so very very gifted, this is obviously your Devine life purpose to bring so much to other's through your LE FLEUR site. Our world so desperately needs love and light to heal.

Don James Samy says:

Your quotes always amazes me. Thank you Lafleur 🙏

Alina Willms Alamo says:

This made me cry…😭💔So beautiful ❤️

Jonny Easton says:

Beautiful video! well done <3

Boohah Ha says:

i rather it with music 😞😞

Anisah Khan says:

I love your quotes so much xx💜

HF 8D says:

Whose the one peron that dislked this?

mystery girl says:

I just love ur quotes

sorya khaled says:

"Feeling come with a price. "Thank's ⚘❤⚘👍

Jennifer Watson says:

^True love doesn't accept your demons
-they love you even more for them.^
Your quotes are really just amazing to me.

Queen Styles says:

I've been going through a tough time with fake friends and your quotes have helped me be myself! I love you so much ❤

Suhani Chopra says:

The last one just touched my heart it's so true ❤️

Leina Oinam says:

Hey dear, yr quotes are awesome. What inspires u to write such a masterpiece?

Messages from the Heart says:

"broken hearts are beautiful, because they grow stronger each day". I think this quote was my favorite! They were all good though. Thanks for another great video! 🙂

Lee Roy says:

Awesome,deep,wonderful,meaningful and creative quotes.. ☺☺

Miss Muffin says:

Just one thing
U're channel is as amazing and just beautiful as ur soul❤

pennywise 2003 says:

I love your quotes…. keep them coming. Thankyou 😘😘

Anika G says:

Where do you get the backround images?

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