Sadness overloaded true life quotes that will give you goosebumps

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Heart Touching Sadness overloaded true sad quotes about life and love (part-2) that will give you goosebumps. Know more reality of life through these quotations and thoughts.

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Sad Quotes Part – 1

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Rachit Choudhary says:

Thanks for making me depressed.
If everyone thinks like this everyone will die

anammalik Malik says:

Rooh say rooh milti nahe jism say Jan Nikal ti Nahi dontay ha Sara ma ham onay parchahe Banka gomtay hai Jo sath apno ke duo Hai sath garoo ke wafa Hai sath mout ka fasla Hai pass apna kanahe sakta kici ko ejazat Hai nahe Hamara pass mout ka fasla Hai pass

Gargi Das says:

1:52 😭😭

karna magar says:

All the words are true and real😢💔😢

Vijaya Lechutmy says:

You want to enjoying have to going anywhere else please don't show its better already do everything than Elsevier for what sorry need don't putting f b you tube all why for what hurting me intersection you family you enjoy but don't show out

Quotes World says:

Subscribe me for motivational quotes about life love and much more

Rose Agaatsz says:

I am agree! This is life…. reality .

Stephanie Chen says:

you do not multi-task in life, you multi-battle on multiple front.

Sandra Ansah says:

That behind every beautiful thing lies some kind of pain and the past cannot be changed have really went through this dark moment before I really like those qoute

Sara Hewa says:

I loved that one which says pain is the only thing thats telling me im alive

Gayu Gayuzz says:

Great ones….😢😢😢😢

Sonam ansari says:

awesome …
i like it very much…

Kamei John Bosco says:

great quotes

Maggie Chishi says:

This r all connecting in my life .I fell the same way 😢😭😭

Akhna ponnuz says:

Awesome wordz bro

Abhi bisht says:

every single word and every single line is true

Ray of sunshine says:

Life hurts when bad memories take place
Death hurts when happy memories fill your life.

I used to be scared of life so much, then I found my friends that made me scared of death.

rishi raj says:

Quote ->> "When you're happy, you enjoy the music but when you're sad, you understand the lyrics." … This is true saying and I felt it many times. These quotes touched to my heart. Thanks for sharing

Vineet Sharma says:

Wow so true n emotional

rohini saini says:

really heart touching…:(

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