Sad & Touching One-Sided Love Quotes For Her

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Most Touching & Sad Quotes About One-Sided, Unrequited Love That Breaks Your Heart For Women…
It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This, You Know? Learn How To Make Him Love You:

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Kamil Karnale says:

Let your head rule your heart.

Pushpendra Mavi says:

These are coward people words live with pain all life when a person. Can't stand for own then what he stand for other if you can't compete your love story you don't need to be in. Love

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Wow !!! these are great quotes. thank you

Missing Your Loved Ones says:

Are you in love with someone & you face difficulties to express your love to them & they dont love you back? Check out our top list of one sided love quotes just for all one side lovers.

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Subhan Nasir says:

Very nice…

Jana Elizabeth Sekelski says:

Sad but true agreed…

Jeliar 1212 says:

Thank you my dear friend for sharing this so meaningful video .God bless.

nilolee nilakshi says:


Veko Aliko says:

Good morning am sorry but every time when you call me I answer but saying “. This number is busy but it’s okay is nice for you and me not more spend time I love you forever

Hariom Hariom says:

nice waise itna deep to apne Kabhi socha hi nahi chalo Kam se Kam kagjo par to dekhte ho

rahul sai says:

I too have a one sided love story, it’s still going and it’ll never end

I love a girl soo badly, actually it's nt luv it's jst smetin vry beyond dat, it's been 5 years (One Sided Love), bt i haven't talkd 2 her yet, nt even a hi, nt even had a cnvrstn, she is my senior, i saw her in intrmdiate 1st year, actualy she's in a relationship, mny of dem tld me dat she wont cme 2 u, infact i 2 knw dat, evn aftr knwin dat she wont cme 2 me i can't move on, i hav seen mny of dem bt d feelin i get by seeing diz gal is soo diffrnt “her eyes, her funny nose, d way she walks, d way she plays her hands while walkin, d way she covers her laugh with her hand, her beautiful soft hair” omg i go really crazy, actually i'm a shy guy, i don't talk to girls unless they talk, i knw in my intermediate days dat she is in a serious relationship i tot it wouldn’t bother me, bt 1year back months back i hav seen her getting on a bike wid her bf, dat was d 1st tym i hav seen wid her bf, wen i saw dat, i was totaly broken, it felt lyk sme1 had punched me in my throat and stomach so hard, imagining is really difrnt from d reality it's soo horrible seeing her wid sme1, after my intermediate, i haven't seen her for 3 years, bt in dat 3 years i hadn't imagined any girl, so however i got 2 knw her place, frm den I keep waiting der daily to see her but i dont follow, i dont talk bcoz i feel so scared dat she would be thinkin bad and she's in a relationship, it wouldn't luk gud, so datz y i dont talk i just see her face with a scarf tied :p, i keep msgin her in 'fb', she don't evn care to rply, leave rply, atleast nt even a notification of seen, hadn’t evn acptd my frnd req, i hav sent nearly 1k msgs describing my feelings, bt she neva care to rply, my frnds keep sayin dat talk to her tell abt ua feelings directly bt i think i can't explain hw mch i luv her realy, evn if i get her i cnt tell her hw mch i luv her my whole lyf tym wouldn’t be enough, bcz a gal wont giv a 2nd chance in proposing, bt the problem is i wanna say evrytin hw mch i luv her, bt dat won't hapn in 1 go, it's imposible for me, my frnds who knws abt this thinks I'm a fool, when evn knowing she wont come he still waits and hopes like an idiot, i hav lost many of my frnds, some thinks I'm fool, some feel pity, some give respect to me knowing that I'm nt givin up, bt fact is no1 cares :(, She is in a relationship, it's okay, i dont want that to be ruined, I'm not waiting for her to breakup, i just want her to know my feelings, that's it, she is happy and i only want that, i keep telling my heart let go, move on mny tyms bt it won't listen, i get very angry on myself, i don't undstnd y I'm still hoping and waiting fr her, if it is in my hands I'll be moving on earlier itself but my heart did choose her, moving on or giving up is his wish, I'm helpless, i want her to know hw mch i love and my feelings fr her datz it, no prob if she doesn't cme to me it's okay. Everyday i wait in her lane, bfre i used to see her while she goes to clg but from 6months i dint see her, I'll be cryin lyk a mad fellow on d roads listening 2 songs, i dont even follw her bcz thinkin dat she may feel uncomfortable, i respect her, i don't want 2 hurt her, my fear is I'm nt able to move on, i cry all nights, evry single sec I'll be thinkin, i feel so nervous, that i know no1 can take her place, going without no goal, dunno y I love her this much, I'll be very angry on myself, because going In a path with no hope and with no guarantee is very hard, we must have very courage, but sometimes I feel very proud of my heart that it is not giving up on someone knowing that it wouldn't happen, I feel myself very proud, because not everyone experience this feeling, not everyone have courage to experience this feeling. this love is actually seems to be very dangerous it kills mentally and threatens physically, this love is something that gave me heartache when realised. I feel like It's a feeling of being in love with someone to that extent that couldn't be expressed. This feeling which will remain in my heart forever and won't be understood ever !!😞😞😞

To say u frankly when i imagine talking to her like what…. when she stands in front of me, when i imagine this i feel like suffocating i just can't breathe literally, i dunno if it is in reality what i turn into like die literally.. omg i really just can't imagine this

I should tell her but you know what I'm a looser I'm really a fucking looser, i just can do nothing yarr really i feel so useless😞

My problem is i can't tell how much i love her, if i want to say her i wanna say the whole thing how much i love her to the extent but the chance of telling her these things comes only once, I should be able to say how much I love her…. but I can't tell her in 1go, I'm afraid that I'll be missing something that i want to say her, I really dont want to miss anything, i want 2 say every single thing, but my life wouldn't be enough to say how much she made me to Love her. It gives more pain that i have waited so many years to build this courage to propose her but atlast i will be left with so much love to say her, and again i won't get another chance because a girl doesn't give a 2nd chance for a boy to propose again when she's in a relationship rite

I loved her beyond everything…

You know like it's hard to wait for something you know might never happen, but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything i want..😞

Oh my god there are so much to say, so so much 😖.
She’s an angel torturing me like a devil
Sorry a beautiful* devil 😞

I am so scared that I'll be in this forever and another side it tempts me to do that.
I love her so much….So much really can’t explain😣😞❤️

Renee Ren-Patterson says:

I don't agree with you!!!!!! I think that the real true love is never be happened in one side love. You are more attention on yourself feeling but you don't really understand the other side contributed more than you think. Because the other side was presented in deep kind of love. Please remember that the true love is most beautiful and the expression of love is more complex human nature to show with different ways. You wrote the Love Quotes is only you personal thoughts…….

Nidhi Sarpal says:

I'm one side lover also yrrrrr😕😕😕

Raju kh says:

they are supported me

Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

I don't won't to live you, with out you my life is not complete, and if you wanna close with me and getting closer with me you'll be the same like me, and we will get together forever my love. I can't say nothing but if im with you im with you i'll do it everything for you, and i'll show you i'll fight back for good i never give up my love. Our life is go on we continue our love and relationship if i promise i promise to you, i'll never let you down.
I'll Raise You Up, I'll give Strenght that you can use for everything. Never loose your Hope im with you Always…..

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