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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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sarada hokage says:

Sometimes you dont know that your heart is healed till someone broke it again.
~Me 2019

Flexan 22 says:

“You will never read my poems the way I want you to.”

Winwinismeee .__. says:

You deserve 1m subscribers!❤️

Feyikemi Rotimi says:

Acting like you don’t care is not letting go. This is how I am I act like I don’t care about him anymore but I still love him

ujala Ali says:


Key says:


Seerat Adil says:

Friends are important

Zubaria Khan Pritha says:

Losing someone forever is very painful…when you know you won't be able to see them again in the world…everything remains the same just the person is miss them so badly.

Upheld MC says:

Why do i have to apologize for being a monster? Nobody apologized for turning me into one.

FabuGamerX says:

"Who were you before you were heart broken?"
Me: Better

Damaris Abreu says:

The saddest part of this video is when it’s the end…

pawan singh says:

I feel being sad is the best ❤️

your heart beat says:

He left me.. 😞

Qween_ Esther says:

"Acting like you don't care is not letting go" Well every solution I have ever had has backfired automatically…. 😑 But that hit me hard

yohan zeyo velaro says:

Who covered the song ?

Abdul Abdul says:

Awesome quotes

Fannie445 Xd says:

Sometimes, our saddness and happiness is like a balloon and a Brick

() Our happiness is like a balloon. When the balloon pops, is like our happiness gone like a air then our body can't fix.
() Our saddness is like a brick. It's so hard to break our sad

Jeez I think my comment is no offense

Clay Hannah says:

Thank youuuuuuu LaFleur💝

ikky brownish says:

What made me cry was " who were you before they broke your heart?? I was beautiful girl inside and outside I had so many plans so many dreams then they broke my heart and my dreams my world broke with it.. I became who I never imagine I would be … But it is time to rebuild everything I know my heart will never ever be like before but maybe life will be ….. Life goes on.

Kerri Murray says:

who does the covers for these songs on all your videos

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