Sad quotes about life that will touch your soul & make you cry

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Here are most broken heart touching sad quotes about life & love. Has anyone ever try to think of this as to why we are being sad? We just go for a casual look over why we are being sad like our results were poor, our beloved ditched us, and parents scolded you or may be someone rejected you. But if we look carefully then this is not the real problem behind all of these problems which makes us sad. The real problem is within us, we could have prevented them easily. Our results were poor because we didn’t study properly for the exams. She ditched you because she got a better person than you, our parents scolded us because we did something wrong which is unacceptable by our parents or someone rejected you because you made the chance for that person o that he can reject you. Whatever it is we are sad now and to cope with this we can read sad quotes about life and can feel good from inside. This is the one of the most popular video on this youtube channel. It has more than 444k views till now.

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Tamanam Sudhir says:

You never forget the one you loved.

Sonu Deshwal says:

Thank You Sir Mera MOTIVATION Channel Grow कर रहा है

Jessica Martens says:

My mother abused e and now I can never see her again…I am starting to think that it is MY fault that she is on drugs. Any help?

Neko Chan says:

So cry ~
Please dry

Jen젠 Gacha says:

I laugh with many
But I don't trust any

I can joke I can make everyone laugh but sometimes I can't make my self laugh

(The first one was copied the second was by me)

karna magar says:


anjum fathima says:

I loved you lot Arvind but I never showed you I thought you will understand later but u didn't but you loved me true before not now because you just used my b*****y after that you openly consider above my love nd my feelings it's hurting me like anything you know one thing that day you said about me something that I never forget for that I never ever forgive you u so cheap parson in the world 🌎 please never show ur face in front of me i request you I don want to see you again … good bye 👋🏻

Mv Dhanunjaya says:

Pleas what is music name please… Thank you

Vijaya Lechutmy says:

Don't fill to much Don't worry about it anything else you

anammalik Malik says:

Ok good night pappa MAMI karaha Hai ka hum sujahai ok Allah Hafiz good night

anammalik Malik says:

Thousand reson died ap sucite Karo ga islam ma Haram Hai sucite Jo kartay Hai in ke rooh Allah ka pass nahe jati Hai plz plz plz nono no sucite Haram Hai Allah Pak naras hogatay Hai rooh bohote banjati Hai plz ap ASA na Karna warna bohote banjaho Ga

anammalik Malik says:

A.s.s.s islamic ma gonna harama Hai Allah dakraha Hai zindage ka din bohat kam Hai plz no gonna no no Haram hai

bhavani sk says:

Last one is absulutly correct because to love any one it takes one minute but to forget who u loved it takes time of our whole life. But also i love u A

Sumaiya Sadia says:

I want……..u

Shabeena begum says:

It's true about my life..It's paining a lot

•ραѕтєllє кιтту• says:

This world is filled with negativity. There's nothing good about life. We're forced to live in a world of sadness, with not a single sign of hope. We just hide our tears behind happy faces, because of fear that they won't accept us the way we are. Love is useless too. For a moment they stick around with you and disappear after you reveal your true feelings and start being your true self. They're friends with you when you're cool, rich, popular, but leave you when you become poor, and a nobody. They never stick around when you are in need of help. You can't trust anybody in this world so you try and change yourself to fit in with others. Nobody to talk to when you really need to let your feelings all out. Even my friends. I liked drawing, but I stopped since they were saying it was good at first, but I once heard them talking about how bad I was. I didn't have the courage to share anything else I made. And I was happy once, I tried to be nice, always offer an extra hand, but what do they give me in return? Complete sadness. They talk behind my back. Whisper about me… I never had a true friend, my friends were all plastic. I would rather be alone… I don't even have the strength to tell all these feelings to someone else in person… They would just think I'm a freak. I had a friend back then, who thought we were true friends… When actually I knew that she's been talking behind my back… She only comes to me when she doesn't have anyone to talk with… Treats me like I don't have feelings. I'm sorry… I got carried away… It's just that I've been having a hard time at school, stressing out a lot… I don't know, I feel like I don't have the energy to do anything anymore… I feel like I'm not needed. Is this depression? Sorry for wasting your time. I had to let this all out, I feel heavy inside, keeping all this to myself. I just want someone to know how I feel, if anybody feels the same way.

Di Bn says:

Hey there! ….Life is a bunch of sorrows or deceits for at
least some of us !….and to all who have true faith will understand it so will Christ ! ….Then why all this toppings of cherry messages to make the cake of sadness….this makes life more …disgusting to live !!

2ko / AI1 quotations says:

EXCELLENT work 👍👍👍

Doreenjill Punoc says:

I'm crying

rupinder kaur says:

heart touching 😢😢😢😢😢

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