Sad Quotes

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This video is for people going through hard times. Dont forget to like and sub!

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julia herbert says:

Please get a life

Snoop Trooper says:

y so many views im dieng

Cindy C. says:

Break the silence please.

Dragon Slayer says:

i prefer drawing to talking because drawing is faster, and it leaves less room for lies

life once asked death "How come people hat you, but love me?"
death responded "Because your a beautiful lie, and im a painful truth."

you have to be hurt, in order to know
fall to have to grow
lose in order to gain
because all of life's lessons are taught through pain.

dont trust everything you see
even salt looks like sugar.

there is no meaning in a flower unless it blooms

im br ok en

Sonia Villavicencio says:

+Dannyboo888 Well yeah its supposed to be sad.

DanIsInsane says:

Very deep content..

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