Sad or Depressing (Darkness) Quotes

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I made this video for me because it’s very important for me.
But I hoped you liked it too.

Maybe some people watched that who
understands the feeling of feeling sad
or depressing.

I know that sometimes you have the
feeling that you are no one that you are
not important. Because I feel the same.
But you are important!

Maybe you will not believe me. I don’t
believe it too when someone tells me

But there are always people who think
the same then you. Who feel the same.
So don’t feel alone. Because you are

Don’t forget that!

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Ally Garcia says:

I have drepression …..
Cuts on my body
I feel like nothing
Always wanted to die
I wish I was happy
Hated my body
Always felt left out

Julianis Vazquez says:

This is really sad I even cry but it is bc I remember do this for a boy that wasn't even worth it I cut my self thinking that it would work and salad the problem but no but now I found God 🙏💖

xxxTaylor_plaYzxxx says:

You know whose awesome? You are… And don't let anyone say your not… 😃

The Lang says:

The thing about love is once you lose her your can’t get her back 😔

Xcel_Z3N _671 says:

All the memories of the ppl u loved start hitting u n u can't do anything but cry… The trauma.
U tried to give them the whole world.
But no matter how hard u try.
They just love someone else…It hurts.
Seeing the person u love, love someone else.
Ur heart turns to stone bit by bit til u feel nothing.
Everything u did. U did for that person.
Being blinded by love and realizing it too late. He/She found someone else.
Now ur there just thinking for a moment, all the good times u had together…is all gone.
They ask u bout that person. U tell them oh its fine, If he/she is happy with that other person… Ur happy…But in reality a bit of jealousy,confusion and anger hit u.
You tell yourself everything will be fine…

Xx Demonic Shadow xX says:

Do it..
Hold together..
We love for something..
We live for love..
You can make it..
Just try..


Raahul Rock says:

But iam dead in inside😇😥

Genuingamer says:

They think depression is a minor problem like oh ull live but it’s not something u lose only a person like me will realize that

Genuingamer says:

For once I would like for the people in my life to care for me but every day I lose another battle because I lose all of my freinds have left. The person I cared for the most didn’t love me and now they don’t see the pain they have caused me and it’s tearing me apart shred by shred and I wish I don’t or ever had existed


Your skin isint paper so dont cut it.
Your face isint a mask so dont hide it.
Your life isint a film so dont end it.

Scirdyy x says:

I wont fix i rather weep

Brooke Fisher says:

I’m a sad person I like sad things I like too think of killing my self but…..I just can’t I LOV3 MY FAMILY AND IT MAKES ME SAD it’s just…..HARD

Ima_PotatoGilr says:

That’s what I’m going to say to my brother when he says I hate you! Instead of I hate u too I can just say I hate me too! Then I won’t be lying

Chocolate People says:

What’s the point of living? What’s the point of life? When all you get is hatred by your brothers? One saying they wish I die or they want to kill me and one calling me a loser and all those other stuff…I wish I die I wish I die..But I don’t kill myself and here’s the reason why…I know one day I’ll find someone who truly loves me for who I am..So that’s why I keep my head up high and you should do that to 🥺

Sumera Ishaq says:

"I'm sorry I'm not a human I'm a problem "

vexo dai says:

someday…I wish to die without knowing

Jevox Gaming says:

Iei aia no ea lain Kali

iiRåvën Røßë Płäÿš says:

A little darkness?
Well guess what, IM FULL OF DARKNESS
To make me happy, I cut and I want to die, but I'm to scared to die.

Megan Praveen says:

My school councilor found out about the fact that I cut, because someone told her. They called my parents, and it was the first time I saw my dad cry. They thought that it was just a bad way of reliving stress. They have already forgotten that I did it in the first place. My mom tells me I don’t love her anymore because I don’t want to got to the store to keep her company. In truth I’m depressed and don’t have the motivation to go out for anything besides school. I want to tell her “ why do you think I even stopped cutting in the first place” but I can’t bring myself to.

Soive LCDL says:

Everybody thinks I’m this prankster who makes jokes for them to laugh a second them make fun of me again. They think I’m having a happy life, yet little by little, they’re breaking me down which makes me less enthusiastic. At some point if I kill myself they’ll be asking questions I know it.

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