Sad Love Quotes

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A collection of sad love quotes..very emotional.
Song: What Hurts The Most
By: Rascal Flatts

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Krepps Aceron says:

You know what if you read my
Simple scripts you will enjoy
My simple writing, I'm not a
Writer not expert
Only now that I have the nerve
To express Myself cause to
Tell you the truth I'm in love
To someone that he understood
My writing not very eloquent
I hope he can read my script
You know I love him I've known
Him about something, but he
Mis- understood all my lovely
I wish God give me the strength
The way To talk to him
Out of my sorrow I'll be there
I consider everything that rain
And wind wipes it suddenly
And truth will come out
Thy end is truth and gathered
The fruit each beauty hahaha
You figure what I need to explain?
Thanks Again for your time
Luv u

Krepps Aceron says:

I don't want to hear those
Sad part, makes me feel sad
Too, Smile and the world will
Smile at you
Luv You

Krepps Aceron says:

If you love someone don't make her cry prove that you care
Show the world you deeply
Love her much

sue carrigan says:

Then love me like you should xxxx

Arpita Chakraborty says:

Today's the bday of the person I really love. I hope n pray to God that he stays happy always. I know I can't ever have him but still can't stop loving him.

Kim Jong Un says:

Painful memories doesn't make you cry
The best memories you remember would make you cry

Laurie Estep says:

Chris I dont know how to channel the things I need to say to I dont how can channel it to what do I do

Maria Mercado Maglalang says:

Happy memories make me's already done. The evening u wish my sweet dreams n morning my coffee makes me my day is perfect n happy . Since u have love already lost. So means goodbye my love. Can't forget you. Take care always. God bless u always bye!!!.

yer da man says:

They say roses are red and violets are blue but when your in between.The most beautiful one is you …

Renee Ren-Patterson says:

This is not good quotes. The love is always happy and sweetest. If you felt sad, I don't think that is love. So "Sad Love Quotes" wouldn't make peoples happy? Why presents it??? I hope that the quotes should shown the positive feeling to make the other peoples to learn something from your life.

lillyana Duran says:

omg this is jst like between me and my "bestfriend" well ex "bestfriend" jst cuz some people dont like me he decided not to either, it broke my heart cuz i was actually in love with him.. and we used to be so close he would tell me his secrets i would tell him mine but now things are not like it was used to be…

Mariana Lopez says:

can't forget my 1st love, it's been 10 years. wonder if I ever will…๐Ÿ’”

Flor Gates says:

title of the song please

Lea Delevingne says:

oh goddd! got tears everywhere… this quotes reminds me of so many memories i've past with my ex. i just wanna forget him but tf i just cant. his name is still stick on my head.

Fnan Tareken says:

It's sad to learn people lie when they tell you that they will love you no what but ended up not loving you! Only God's love is forever lasting.

christine activa says:

ill never stop loving you im here allways for you i hope u love me too……! i love u so much…

VelvetGal5 says:

Nice video. I love reading memorable quotes from various people. I like pinning them on my Pinterest board. I think one sad love and relationship quote I'm thinking about right now is the following by Tony Gaskins: "Love doesn't hurt you. A person that doesn't know how to love hurts you. Don't get it twisted."ย 

Ashleigh Hammersley says:

It kind of made me cry.

34blam34 says:

Sorry but I have to tell you honestly that ive used that program
before and it didn't worked. Ive done every single of its advice but it just gettin
worst. It was through that program that it helped me won back my girl! And
now, we came long so far with many hopes and dreams together. Thanks to it!

Katie Night says:

there are also the awkward moments u have to walk past them with a face that shows ur over them but then think of him as ur trying to hold that faceย 

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