sad love quotes that will make you cry

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collection of different love quotes.. .this is my first upload,,hope you like it guys,,

comments are highly appreciated 🙂

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S Masum M says:

Thank u very much for your information. Don't worry I'll fly just matter of time. Just give me some time.

Isabel Mongiardim says:

Sabes eu amote é incontornável isso é demais escolheste outra pessoa amar a quem queres e amas eu se tens alguma coisa em meu nome assino para dares as tuas coisas todas que seja o teu mimo para quem amas amote muito beijos e conta comigo que o teu trabalho de uma vida fique com quem quiseres quem amas seja feita a tua vontade, e eu te quero ver então desculpa eu estou muito bem e centrada e digo-te que és a minha vida não é sem a tua vida Amote muito beijos enormes e abraços fortes de vida meu coração imenso amor que me faz sentir que é meu é meu amor beijos enormes amote imenso carinho meu amor beijos enormes amote imenso carinho meu amor

sue carrigan says:

Then you should ask me, hurt isn't the word, I'm passed that point, I dident have an affair, I fell in love after meny years of living a lie, my priority was always my sons, and always will be my beautiful boys, the hardest part is my boo suffered the same consequence, he did the most honourable thing and forgave her, she was a lovely woman, they say that the grass is never greener on the other side, but for me I don't give to sxxxx whether they are or not, Im ready to walk away,

Helena Silva says:

O que está a passar sinto alguma coisa não está bem com vc eu fiz alguma coisa que não gostou desculpa amor beijo

Jean Austin says:

Its ok l now no you are telling me that my doubt was right. That what l was suspiciuse about asking question about was true. You could have told me the truth. Instead of all the secrets. Behind my back . and making it look like l was to blame.

Ivancica Salaj-Obelic says:

So sed, and I can't , don't realy know to say goodbye,.to somebody I love most. It hurt, hurt very much. Like somebody dearest to me died, but than you know that this person past away. My life has no purpose to live, any second more.

Virginia Lacar says:

I love you so much my darling 🐩🐩🐩🐯🐯🐯🏠🏠🏠🎵🎵🎵 Wishing all the best wishes comes true and fulfilled To be together and to live happily Peacefully harmoniously and prosperous new beginning of life!!! I miss you so much papa gusto ko 🐩🐩🐩 paakap akap akap!!
Miss na miss na Kita talaga papa ooooooooooooooooooo
See you then!! Love you darling my life and my sweet heart forever!!!

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Interesting hahahaha LOL. Love you tazdog and mica moo! This is so hard losing both within 4 months. Wow

Lamitha R says:

I'm having parents and good gal friend to ask…u dont find anyone…never put lyk this in you tube front…..

Jenny Fryer says:

This really did make me cry 😢

Irma Wilkins says:

I have went on to my next life journey I will find some one who what true love

My Phuong Huynh Thi says:

Hurt or not is no importance coz life is such.Just move forward n leave the past behind but not be Alhzeimerist ha ha ha.Good bye Mic helle my little 1season in the sun

snow wolf Snow says:

I love sumboddy and they sey they love me but I know they are lie ing to me and it Herts to know your in love alone. I JUST CAN'T LET GO!!!!!! 😭💔

sue carrigan says:

That's the mistake people make, when your at your lowest, I have always wanted the very best for my family and friends, aww I give up

Rachel Green says:

You just have to wait. Someone will fall in love with your smile.

Laurie Estep says:

I love you Chris I'm sorry

Jana Elizabeth Sekelski says:

…and nobody will understand, your heart, your soul, your feelings ❤

My Phuong Huynh Thi says:

live with other feelings is not good.Think of oneself avoid doing bad things to others coz of jealousy n anger

mr Nobody Ask says:

Only God know why…

SRL says:

my heart is just broken right, it's very hard looking at positives when all you feel is the hurt! I don't like being a negative person and this situation would be trying for anyone. ..I'm just having a hard time coping! I think if I had something positive going for me in my life right now to concentrate on things might be easier. ..I just don't have anything right now to hold my attention!

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