Sad love quotes!

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This is some sad love quotes that i gat off the internet and i made some myself so tell me if you like eny pleazz

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Monstrodolagoness1 says:

Stop w/ those cliches about ''girl = victim''. They don't really suffer from heartbreak and the only thing they love is the fvkking friendzone 😉 Stop bitching around.

Monstrodolagoness1 says:

Demolition Hammer- Skull Fracturing Nightmare m/

MeVoyish says:

Yeah emmanuel! I was actually using that program
also because I want to bring her back but I
did! It helped through the most difficult situation
Ive ever gone through.I really appreciated it.

renny9443 says:

Me too dude. When my gf and I broke up I was
devastated. I thought Id lost her forever and she
wouldnt talk to me no matter what I did. I used
one of the intimacy booster text at the site:
And I was shocked when she responded right
away. We're talking again and its turning into
more. Thanks to it.. :))

zazz7177 says:

this is why i say f*$# love….it hurts too much

TatsNotMyName says:

@lifexisxsoxpainful Right

Minoli Wickramasinghe says:

one of d best

Maymoona Rashid says:

@anu9610 typos happen.

Jane Villanueva says:

nice collections:-)

Anu says:

learn spelling dude…

Bailey Garner says:

Thumbs up if one person keeps popping into your head…….

gararufa helium says:

i cant stand the song. it's not bad though, i just friggin hate taylor swift. i have to mute it.

sapna kajal says:

teardrops on my guitar indeed…he was the one who taught me how to play a guitar…have known him since we were kids…and i love him since…my very first love…it hurts like hell…and i smile..because i don't want him to know in what situation he put me through…i can't share my feelings on fb or msn…he'll see them all…i guess youtube is the only place where i can post all these…

great job BrokenDreamer9408!

ac dc says:

allboys are fucking shit:(

osamwaru says:

guys also have broken heart and we have to live a life time with that empty space knowing that it will never be filled again

jonej15 says:

panu po gumwa ng ganitong video turuan nyo nmn po ako para makapgpost po ako sa youtube din thanks

Nikki Morgan says:

this is nice

shmickful says:

It's funny, cause I would've been the best girlfriend he ever had.

brandee foreman says:

i have been hurt to many times by the same guy

amal masalkhi says:

this is amazing..its soo true..each and every word of it..

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