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I’m In Heaven (When You Kiss Me) – ATC

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Francine Bravo says:

If u seen who I am I'm sure u seen me doing sit up n rubbing my stomach trying to push the shit down. Well I guess u could actually say I'm full of shit. Literally good night

Francine Bravo says:

When I got home I'm reading this stuff n I'm sitting here saying I can't deal with this bullshit n not yours my stomach hurts cuz I'm freaking constipated can't shit its been two days well. I don't know what to say to u but I hope u don't think I was talking about u I talk to myself out loud

Francine Bravo says:

What's really going on with u what did I do now I get home a lil while ago from work then start seeing these things ur saying listen since ur on a roll text me n let me know I got to go to sleep damn I' refuse to jump on this emotional roller coaster n the funny thing is. When I seen those things u were writing I asked myself how long would it take u to flip the script n start saying something negative. It didn't take very long. I will love u no matter what even if u hate me for the rest of ur life good night Bobby I love u

Helena Matthews says:

R….them all

Dipankar Bhuyan says:

accha accha…aaji kali ejoni suali e bohut kotha kobo bikise no…hahahah yaar…huna na yaar,ebar suli kati mur aagot aahi tu sua…Saba tumak sini pam ne nepam ok…but yaar…hahahah… aagote nijoke usoror pora suli thaka r obosthat dekhuai loba…tar pisot koba re…nohole yaar tumak hosa hosi sini napam bey…😁😁😁😁😁…oi jaan eibur ki nu dukhor quotes bilak di thaka re…i love u yaar…bohut besi…bohut besi bhal pau tumak jana yaar…sob thik hoi jabo jaan,dnt worry…ketiaba enekua time life ot aahi jaaye re…tetia laage je aaru ketia u eku thik nohobo…but trust me yaar,sob thik hoi jaaye jana…Jodi bishaakh hua nai,mur kotha tu jundin hosa hoye jabo heydin koba muk jaan ok…aako koisu moi sob thik hoi jabo,ekdum dnt worry ok yaar…love u yaar…bhalke thaka etia ok jaan…

FindingKirkCameron says:

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thing cause it even make it worst instead.
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Faith 955 says:

They're just jelly that they can't get any girls anymore… and are about to be gay instead ! πŸ˜‰ Love what yu do! -Faithless

angela alvarado says:

I really stop believing all this. I have been broken so many time and its still happing ti me at this moment right now. He's so cute….. but like always my friends get what I want .

Nurashima Abdul Rahman says:

wad song is this…..

lemurlover71 says:

You can’t go on ignoring the fact that there are over 6.5 billion people in the world and the only person in the world I want to be with is you.
And you know what get's to me? It's how I let myself slip away because I had nothing to live for. I used to want to get good grades. Used to want to be good, perfect. But I just dont care anymore.
Hell, I'd rather lean out of my bedroom window on the cold of nights and smoke, then do my hmk. That's what I was just doing, smoking.

raymund flores says:

@aly9723 Group 1 : Guys who knows theyre hot will act like what you said in this comment.. Group 2: Guys that arent the most charming guys (sometimes they dont know that theyre actuallyt not that bad looking) in the world and thinks about every girl that they know are out of their league will do nothing but enjoy the split seconds of a look to their dream girl thinking "i wish i could be with you but i dont think im good enough " girls dont know that the most loving guy is the 1 you dont notice

Katie Burton says:

ahhh this is good πŸ™‚

Katie Burton says:

ahhh this is good πŸ™‚

Ayumi Kimura says:

"I don't care if you have to lie, just say you love me" OMG, so cute

jessicaturner1 says:

the part when it said"i wonder if any of the word i told you,ment anything to you" soo true! i just got dumped 6 months ago… i loved him i was crazy for him n want him so much but when i tell him i was in love with him n its hard to get over him he says "i was in love with you too" well if you wher whyd you dump me? heh love hurts but the last thing u said in the video helped me feel better thanks

E. M. says:

yes…everyone will hurt me eventually…

TriSaraTops12 says:

my boyfriend dumped me yesterday, 3 mins before he said he loved me.
it just wouldve been that much easier if he hadnt said that.

007isYoshi says:

dude i know exactly how you feel my girl dumped me and she convinced me that she loved me while planning her escape

kickliner15 says:

I love 1:07 and 2:13

lOhith gOwda says:

d last One was a killer

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