Sad Love Quotes; ♥

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a bunch of sad love quotes i like 🙂
hope you enjoy ♥
music: Three Days Grace – Gone Forever

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Roberta Cesar says:

don't say things you don't know or understand, STOP, trying to complicate things .Thank you

MyCatenaccio says:

Me too What I like about that program is that its easy
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zazz7177 says:

Me and my girlfriend went out for about a year and we fell in love or at least I thought we did. Then we broke up-/3 and we are technically still friends but we just say hi in the hall. And when I asked her if she still loved me she said always, but I know she didn't mean it. Because I asked her out again and she said she needed time to think about it and never answered. Then fucked some other guy.

sumaiya120 says:

This can be made into a sad love song! It's got the right words for it

tigerbutterfly says:

all these sayings r basiclly how i feel and me and my my ex went out for 6months and we r still freinds but all he does is say that he loves me and he has a gf

JENNY9767 says:

Nice Vid. iLikeIt. iLoveAllDhese Quotes

scarrymiss123 says:

1 comment??? G this o

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