Sad love poem…

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poem about love,hope you like it…

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Ruth Barron says:


Sparklerose Mitchell says:

This is true

Poems and Quotes says:

I really like this poem. It inspires me to Write my own poems. What is the name of the song in the background, I know I have heard it before somewhere…

RK Kadi says:

so,sad make me cry

PWK 7 says:

Oh shit that's good

Gary Pecoraro says:

Moni! The love of my life, ? You know something I dont? I'm not leaving you? Not everything has been told to me? You have those answers? I love you and want your strength with me helping me! No Goodbye? Im asking you be with me.
Away before we're together, no ! That cant be.? I Love You, I need you! Now and forever❀❀asβ€πŸ‘«β€πŸ’•πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Merle Mitchell says:

There is nothing more beautiful than this music. Your memory must be waning, I didn't leave you but you left me twice without a word. Can you understand how I must have felt?

Mirha zeemall says:

mansoor elahi says:

You are my slow poison this is how you kill me with your words they are sharper than any blade and the wounds you give me I never try to heal them because I love that pain I can see my love in it, there's no cure for me in this world except my love no desire left dreams are drowned in your storm. You Said Goodbye I knew it years back that she has started a new chapter with a brand new story anyhow God bless you and give you the best life to live as your dreams.

Sundeep Dasari says:

I didn't leave you annayya

Glylie_Love says:

Hi poem lovers out there!
I have my poem uploaded on youtube, please take a glimpse if you have time , thank you

JunJun3 JJ says:


Manju Singh says:

Theres nothing to say 😒😒

Eman AbdElgaber El-Bast says:

In my opinion;if it had been introduced orally,it would have been better

Java 3 island says:

Why i read this is one message, my heart vibrating, i want call him (my sunshine) very far away,,, nice music & , romantic words,, so sweet messages,,

Jenny Hmar says:

Broken πŸ’”

Krepps Aceron says:

If this is a dream, I will not
Give my Heart to any one
If this is a dream he is always
Designed in my mind
If this is a dreams it's already
Engraved in my memories
If this is a dreams I believe
My heart will go on loving him
If this is a dreams his name
And my name it was already
Written by God in The wilderness
This are words God the Father
Baptised inspired and confirmed
Handed by the Holy Spirit….
Thanks reading my scripts 143

Rhonda Soullier says:

Time to invest. Fat is what I got to love me. If you abandon me again, let is just be that. When I hope, I suffer, you love then you take away. You are all I love, I don't have others.

Natasa Paunovic says:

Dont cry gona bi ok.

Tasneem Hossam says:

AAAA I can't catch my tears

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