Sad Inspirational Quotes

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Sejal M says:

Your quotes gives hope!❤❤

miss eery chan says:

I'm afraid of being lonely.. but that is how i feel right now😥😥

Shreya Negandhi says:

Love the thoughts ❣️ you have always inspired me to write

Vishal Vlogs says:


Waheeda Deosingh says:

Love yr quotes again…leaves us with a lot to think about …its like it carries yr mind in a distance to search💝😘

SS The Sonamy Lover says:

Here, another quote:
"Sometimes those who say they don't care about you, are the ones who care the most" 😊
– ❤SS The Sonamy Lover💙

misthi evol says:

You never let me down….like I always says you are always here..when I need you the most.. I feel some kind of peace when I watch ur videos… it's mean the hole world to me 😍 Love to The 🌒 and back@ £/-|=£€|_|®💖😘👌👏.

Mrs. Kim says:

I always don't know what to say aside for 'WOW'!😢💕

Terri Stanley says:

Amen I'm with you baby.

Pondot Quotes says:

I will always love to watch your Awesome quotes, why your quotes so popular?

sorya khaled says:

"Find a home in the word forgiveness." Thank's ⚘❤⚘👍

Don James Samy says:

Lovely deep quotes. Thank you

Sarosh Sohail says:

These quotes are so deep. I love your channel.

Shiku Mungai says:

Really love them quotes❤❤….if you can go back to having cover songs for background music that would be okay😅

true D says:

Sooo true, broken doesn't mean fragile 🌸 ❤✨

Teena Ah says:

"you will see their real faces
When u need them most"

Habiba Qazi says:

La fleur don't mind my question but are you very sad about something ?

Hnsika Saxena says:

So deep…so heartwarming… Feels as if…all the things that revolve in my head….comes in the form of Lafleur quotes….U know every feeling….Loved it……


Your quotes are really making every one smile and which is actually a very elusive thing to do😍😍😍😄😄😄😄

Anisah Khan says:

Love your quotes❤️❤️❤️

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