~Rumi Quotes of Love and Life~

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`How can I know anything about the past or the future, when the light of the Beloved shines only Now` ~Rumi

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Angel 12000 says:

What a lovely Christmas present; to have read such a timeless message. thank you for bringing this to us.

Maria Altina Almeida Nunes says:

Quanta beleza num vídeo só!!
Que Deus abençoe a quem o criou!

rita nia says:

I love u baby blue..

Petra Hattingh says:

I just love the work of Rumi…poetry!

Liane Ursula Heuck says:

Why can I share ? Love is life? Regards Liane Heuck username.,…


Rumi's love doesn't mean physical or sexual relationship
It's the love between soul' and God which is pure and pious.

Cindy C. says:

Incredible insight powerful words on Love. We should embrace his teachings.

Nicola Bibby says:

I love Rumi. Lovely video. Thanks for sharing.

Bliss WKC says:


Hikari Megami says:

loving it 🙂

Jennie f says:

Hello dear Maggie ~ a beautiful production ! Lots of love Jennie xxx Thank you xxxx

Senka Bobovcan says:

Fall in love and stay there … Because of LOVE I become the giver of light .

Mohammed ali says:

That was so Beautiful, thank you…God bless

Yanglish says:

Wise words.

Michelle Rabiee says:

Thank you . Love, Love, Love.

Sol Torres says:

So so so beautiful ♡

cewu says:

chciał bym umierać przy Jego muzyce.


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steven rowe says:

I really love Rumi but wonder where the powers of darkness fit into this.
Jesus was a mystic and he talked about the Kingdom of God within. Paul said our bodies are a temple of the holy spirit.
All the monotheistic beliefs recognise spiritual darkness too

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