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Watch Me React To Sad Love Stories!
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Dogz Tube says:

My love story?…

A slice of pepperoni pizza, a bag of chips, and a TV with cable 🙂

Kim Glynn says:

The story at the time:
2:13, is the saddest

Jada DeathHeaven says:

For the first one how would he write a letter to her if he was blind and hoe could he ealk away in tears(can you still write and cry while being blind)😂

(no hate just a question)

Gabriella Gray says:

For the first one, we gasped at the same time.

Gaming Wolf says:

Let me guess your love story

no your single like me 😭😭😭😭

grace mae says:

He went to her room where there was a actual matress why didnt he use it

grace mae says:

At 2:26 the story is real

Cutie_Bear 24 says:

Just 6 love storys…..
Sad love stories 🥺

jovia sierra says:


Danny Knight says:

Wow the first girl needs to burn

Blue and Fun says:

My sad story: the wifi wasn’t working

Abby Uranon says:

your vids are so short i dont enjoy
at all

Eden Lindsey says:

The last one was kinda cringe doe

aisha elsaka says:

OMG!!! what is wrong with you, you made me cry soo bad

awesome autumn AAA says:

My sad story is that my best friends mum was never fed when she was a child. her parents never gave her food because they didn't have enough money. Once she did have food and hated it but told her parents she loved it so then she wouldnt sound rude. Now she has 3 children (2 girls 1 boy) she has told the boy before but not the girls . Everyday the girls would complain how they are starving (even when they got fed) and didn't like her cooking. The boy always says stop being rude at least you have food and smiles at the mum. One day, the girls over heard the mum and her son talking about when she was never fed. They girls cried and since then they have had many jobs and have their own children and made sure they and she was fed. I don't talk to her anymore as she is grown up but it makes me cry everytime I see a homeless I just think of her mum (even though she wasn't homeless but your know what I mean)

By the way when the boy didn't like the food he would ask his mum if he could help next time and sees how she does it

Zulaika Dimapilis says:

look Kyutie the reason why she knows the adress is because maybe the boy told her

Sisters Not Misters says:

I don't have a boyfriend (I'm forever alone)😒🙃😲

Lalramsangi Ngente says:

Yep girl are you know like jerk and bad and mean guess what i hate girls except mother and female family

Mr. Galaxy says:

Wait a sec, #1 how did he walk away with tears while he has no eyes,#2 how did he write the letter 😂😊

HiCludo says:

The thumbnail is deep..

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