Quotes for lonely hearts #sad

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Lizzy Hodgins says:

Thank you for using my cover! This is beautiful! X

Ngemung Bar poongsu says:

Awesome thanks I just to say Hii:)

Waheeda Deosingh says:

Beautiful.. Mesmerizing 😘❤

Shweta Gaur says:

You aren't what happened to you. You are how how you've overcome it,The problem was I wanted to be yours more than I ever wanted to be mine,The best thing about bravery is even a little is enough 😢

Joey Gagliardi says:

Absolutely Fantastic,, so much is covered in each one,, life is everything said in this video. As I was once told,, we never know what is in store for us around any corner, of anything or any where. Thanks for this video.

Azadi Akter says:

LaFleur you know what your quotes are soo good that can make my day seriously..

I just loveee your quotes

mohammed sparda says:

I always find all the comfort I need in your words ☺️

Lol Amy says:

So true❤️

kato joshua M says:

Your quotes keep me moving even when I feel exhausted of everything and the world around me…. I've seen Life in me

shweta sinha says:

Omygosh. Are you gonna make the child cry 😭

Sheronda Nembhard says:

Wow!!!! So beautiful…..your very talented and thanks for sharing with us 💕💕💕💕

mckenzie lol says:

i legit have had feelings for the same person for years but have tried to ignore them and act like i don’t like him. i sometimes feel like he might have feelings too, bc were close but i am lowkey rly scared to tell him how i feel. i genuinely can’t get over him fully.

Elyse Straka says:

Legit your videos got me through a stage of “depression” that I went through. Now I watch them solely because they are so amazingly true.

jeongguk says:

At the relationship quotes i was just thinking about Jungkook from BTS and crying my heart out lmaoo

Tanushree Chatterjee says:

Oooo ur sooo lovely…

Plse give your heart on long distance relationship…. Plse…

I want it….. Ur really fabulous..

Tanveer Sultana says:

I was so broken I don't know your quotes give me an inner peace and these are not just quotes they are exactly what I need to know and hear …thank you💞

Manan Yadav says:

I am soooooo eager to meet and thank you….@lafleur…😍😍😍

Amylor Alwyn says:

I m in love wth every words of you La Fleur💓😘😘

1000 subscribers without videos challenge says:

This is unbashedly perfect… <3

16ushalama says:

I really respect you LaFleur who ever you are ❤❤

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