Quotes for lonely hearts #sad #deep

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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imyashan jr says:

No 1 comment and always for this channel love ya and how was your trip to Paris hope you had lots of fun and hope you got something for me too hahahah 🥰🥰 lots of love btw

Inner Strength By Alpesh Patel says:

Your attitude is the way you look at life, craft a happy & meaningful one.

I am author of "I am happier than a millionaire" I can connect with motivational quotes as well people with depression & anxiety. There is few videos on my channel if you want to check it out.

Don James Samy says:

Thank you Lafleur for an amazing quote, you always the hearts

sorya khaled says:

" I have found a part of me that breaths only in the moments when I am whith you. " Thank's ⚘❤⚘👍

Hnsika Saxena says:

The first quote…I got touched…how true is that…u can travel where our minds cannot Lafleur….
Yr quotes r the weapons that can change the world…They r the rays of the sun that can brighten up every soul….LOVE U LAFLEUR…..N yes…all yr poems do have "Heartbeats"

Reena Maharjan says:

U make me cry 😭

Arthur Punau says:

JennaLynn ❤️Bae, Melip (Michael)will take care of you & I will too bc I care,❤️

Krish breezy says:

Quotes full of feelings and emotions. Great work lafleur.❤ Hope you enjoyed your paris tour.

parth logistic says:

I eagerly wait for your quote
I love them all, they r really heart touching. Keep it up❤️❤️❤️

Jfj Ufjfj says:

Stars can't shine without darkness.

Surbhi Singh says:

Can't explain the beautifulness of the qoutes …..no words

Rahima Al- Marveys says:

1 Aufruf

Ruby Sharma says:

❤️❤️ for la fleur

Poems and Quotes says:

I really like your videos. You are my inspiration, and you have inspired me to create my own videos 🙂

सागर माँझी says:

I'm from india ma'am. Nice good work

Y.V.S says:

I think Im the only one who takes the screen shot and save in gallery ❤😳😁


it was nice ❤❤

Miral Nawab says:

I love your videos… They have amazing quotes that make us cry or feel happy. Thank u fleur!!! Love u❤❤

Sejal M says:

Another Awesome Video..!!! Thanks so much!! Grateful to have your channel dear! 🤗❤

Rahim Rkso says:


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