Quotes About Love: Heartwarming Quotes About Love

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Quotes About Love: Heartwarming Quotes About Love

The characters quoted in the video “Quotes about Love: Heartwarming Quotes about Love” are from the novel SOME GLAD MORNING by Gary C. Horton.

Some of the quotes on love are brief, short love quotes, but some of the characters get downright wordy. Even though you can’t shut them up, their goodness shines through. They’re a quirky lot, eccentric and opinionated, but wise in their own way.

The novel, SOME GLAD MORNING, is about a poor soldier who, after tending to a dying lieutenant, is left with the love letters of the officer’s fiancée. The poor soldier comes home to court the Charleston lady who wrote them.

Of course, he doesn’t stand a blooming chance, but that doesn’t stop him, because, as perhaps the most famous quote among quotes about love tells us, “Love is blind.” Less know is the quote about love that warns, “Love is often delusional.”

Yes, I made that last one up and, yes, I’m speaking from experience!

On his journey, thanks to the delightful characters you meet in the video “Quotes about Love: Heartwarming Quotes about Love”, this poor soldier learns what it means to love truly.

The novel SOME GLAD MORNING is a joyous emotional ride with a resounding ending that will have you cheering and falling in love all over again!

Enjoy the video “Quotes about Love: Heartwarming Quotes about Love” and the romantic music. Let the many quotes on love speak to your heart.

You won’t find the following quote about love in the video, but its message resonates at the ending of the novel SOME GLAD MORNING, that is; “Love is friendship on fire!”

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More about the novel SOME GLAD MORNING:

A soldier finds letters on a battlefield in France and falls in love with the woman who wrote them.

Trapped in no man’s land during the final days of World War I, Private Ransom MacTavish consoles a dying Lieutenant by reading to him the letters of his fiancée, Elizabeth, a high-born Charleston lady. When the officer dies, Ransom is stranded alone between American and German trenches. His sole comfort is reading Elizabeth’s letters.

Although he is penniless, Ransom comes home determined to win Elizabeth’s heart, but soon discovers he must compete with a wealthy suitor while evading a lustful widow and a sheriff with a tendency to shoot people.

Ransom’s only hope is the bond of a spirited pregnant teenager and the eccentric wisdom of a crusty Civil War veteran.

To buy click: http://www.BuySomeGladMorning.com ($2.99)

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Quotes about Love: Heartwarming Quotes About Love

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