Quotes about Love #Beautiful and #Sad

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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LaFleur says:

All the flowers of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds of today 🌸
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Kim Jong Un says:

The worst thing that you would know to your crush,
Knowing that shes loving someone else… 😢😢😢😢😢

Im related to it,but she has a crush crush on me😁😁😁

Kim Jong Un says:

Love is like a firework,when the spark has run out,no one would light the spark again

Eve Gaming says:

Omg I just broke up with my boyfriend cuz he cheated on me and i watched this vid and it made it a lot better, thank you! 😖😩😫

Tina Dilworth says:

Still loving you RjR….Tina

king of origami says:

So Beautiful 😭❤️

somali strength and weaks tube says:

You are the chanel that i search for when every chanel has gone bad

Barbara Nelson says:

This a very beautiful love songs. But it's not for me i dont no who picked it

Khartoum Rawkku Official says:

+Don't pour your sunshine into someone 😥who doesn't think of you as their sky🎇💯✔✔✔👍✌

someone somewhere says:

My crush is just weird …..I know he likes me …his face brightens up ,he smiles ,he gets shy and nervous, he stares at me etc….my friends say that he likes me ..his eyes and face tells clearly that he loves me a lot but he isn't telling he likes me …whenever I ask him he says he don't know but its obvious he likes me…he also told yes to one of my friends that yes he likes me ……but he isn't telling it to me ..he is too shy …what shall I do?? Please help anyone I really love him and I can't stay without him …

Julita Aisha says:

I really really love your quotes. It's just same with my life. Please do more and more I always waitingg..

Love and Hate cashboy says:

The creator of this is a genius ♥️

omaimah muhammad says:


Anjali limbu says:

One sided love hurts so deeply 😢😢
Why someone could be so much heartless
😔 Why don't he feel my love ?
This all quotes made my tears rolled down.
I love him so much ….

From Nepal

Sheronda Nembhard says:

Is which 3 idiots dislike these beautiful quotes?

Sheronda Nembhard says:

Awesome and amazing

Ratna Babaria says:

Plz plz plz plz tell me where r these songs coming from?? R u singing them??? Or is it anywhere else to be found!! Plz tell me I really love them

RA D_2 says:

In a day than my heart beat s

Shweta Gaur says:

your thoughts are surely the sunshine of my sky…….Amazing words and beautiful quotes can't stop taking screenshots…..As always your Videos lit up my mood😉😉😊😊

Jacintha Awad says:

Your quote are the best thing in the world!!! Plz do a fake friend quote video❤️

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