Pure Love Hurts Quotations In English

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Pure Love Hurts Quotations In English.

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Nancy l says:

These are way too sad..and hard realities to accept for some..
Some do go on. And others give up.

Nancy l says:

Right now I can't accept some of these as realities .

Nancy l says:

These are way too sad.

Nancy l says:

This one is sad..

Nimfa Bangay says:

Then dont let me go….😘

Nimfa Bangay says:

Thanks for sharing .😊

Sally Bozeat says:

If you truly love someone then you will do everything you can to make that person happy. Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

Zarah Kaleem says:

“Since infancy 💕 was known as several hugs equal to a fine cashmere blanket – 10 years onwards a vague emotion approached to dissect and see the working cogs. Add on another odd decades worth – infinite facets, gestures meanings. Ultimately one meaning. You want to but can’t live without love and you would gladly go through endless levels of hell for 💖 no questions and absolutely no doubts!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️BEHADH BAMUSHAQAT

hepcatjay says:

so sad so true TU ME MANQUES💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Jennifer Lewis says:

Some true quotes.

Heather Rodgers says:

To bad liars sent family members to stupid with themselves on my accounts the internet

May Hong says:

Just let go whatever U can't change… But never ley it go if it's still worth to keep.. U may mean nothing at someplace but something at another. Time changes, never let it passed without anything like the ice.. M

June Chivis says:

* Love isn't supposed to hurt but it does and all because it's so hard to be separated from the one true heart of another person that you know you truly belong with ~ But sided love is one of the hardest love to forget and one of the hardest to let go ~ And I Ain't Lettin GO ~ And I'M NOT GIVIN UP ON THE ONE LOVE I KNOW IS SO RIGHT ~ MY SHININ STAR ~ Who I Truly Love and Adore With All My Heart ~ For HE ~ IS Always With Me as He's forever Apart of Me & livin Deep Within My Heart and ALWAYS Missin Him So Bad and makes me sad 😔💔😔 ~ { J.C.} But thank you for sharing this video *

Jason Sandifer says:

So Very True

S H says:

It's not my problem IF The person I love does not love me,my problem is that
I love that person

Adri Amaral says:

Love doesn't hurt. It heals. It hurts if we try to package it to fit our needs at the moment….if you see it as an ongoing gift, receive it with genuine openess and gratitude, it keeps building you up. Feeling loved is like a cozy blanket on a rainy day. Enjoy it.

Donna Skinner says:

Grain of salt

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