* pretty teen love quotes * :D

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this is my first video,
hope you like it.
details at the end of the video. πŸ™‚
thanks πŸ˜€

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Robyn Pierson says:

Kiss your hand 10 times
Say your crushes name
Repost on two other videos

marianna de says:

how cute yesterday my boyfriend said to me : losing you is like losing my heart
and now i read it here <33

roger ringler says:

i wish someone felt the same about me

Sarah Dev says:

@Mr111coolboy111 pull her to a side and say i love you its as simple as that its also good to be best friends cuz that way you can say i love you to her but she'll think your saying it as a friend that you would get confident

Sarah Dev says:

@velcho1969 lls your welcome all the guys that ive liked ive become best friends with its a big help

superhumanxox says:

@perfectstorm101 thanks πŸ™‚

superhumanxox says:

@perfectstorm101 ok i'll call him tonight

superhumanxox says:

@perfectstorm101 no i cant 1. i doubt he would pick up and 2. i wouldnt know what to say to him ……he's been telling his mates that i'm a trophy girl like a girl guys are only with to just so they can say they have been with tht girl and it really annoys me

superhumanxox says:

he spent 4 months trying to get me to notice him then another 4 months trying to get me to love him as much as he loved me then i fell deeply inlove with him i couldnt think he was always on my mind he understood me for me and he protected me all he could…..then he met another girl 3 months later but he wasnt inlove with her, she was just easy and then he changed for the worst its been a year exactly and i still cry myself wishing i noticed him much quicker . i love you andrew the old you </3

Sarah Dev says:

@velcho1969 first become friends with him and then go from there the more he gets to knoe wbout you maby he'll start to like you by your personality

bbawesomisticbb says:

itzz so true that the saddest this is when you love someone who use to love you..!!

Blessed-Southern-Sweetheart says:

He's the only person that made me smile with my heart.

Subliminal Serpents says:

I wish I never looked this up. I remember why my life has no meaning. No one will ever love me… I'll be alone 'till the day I die. Time to go hurt myself more.

mustafaq97 says:

@Samiksha4392 even me.. :'(

mustafaq97 says:

this video made me cry…. i was literally crying….
i will give it a 6/5

Salma Mohamed says:

Aww<3 How Cute And Romantic
It's Amazing Thanks Aloot For Dat Video It Made My Day πŸ™‚

cassygurlx3 says:

Adorable! πŸ˜€
I loved the song ^.^

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