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Read the series at https://www.wattpad.com/user/Ryusensei2000
The quotes are originally from a wattpad series called ‘All I Want’
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Angel Ting says:

In this ENTIRE video there was not a quote I liked there were only quotes I am now in LOVE with 😍❤️❤️❤️

L B says:

I actually vlicked on the video to see it but when i heard shawn mendes i wanted to watch even more

Nicole Amaro says:

I really love this book!!!!

Saiyara Shajh says:

1:53 Was that a compliment?LOL

Lazy MSP says:

1:27 wdym wake up?! who said I sleep before 2 am?

Dr. D says:

Lmao 😂 🔫

some random anime weeb OWO says:

Hello whos here just to see some pick up line just me?

Nightcore Moon 月 says:

Is it just me who does that? Because whenever i go to school i always look at the court first to see if he is there play basketbal. Or in the classroom busy being crazy with his other friends. And gets kinda quiet when he is not there.
I just "miss" those times when he use to like me….

Nightcore Moon 月 says:

I just wished my crush said one of these things before we started not like eachother anymore….
But however its ok…
Alothough it hurts he's my favourite pain….

Ezekiel Benedicto says:

Please upload more vids💕

eDgY snowflake says:

1:00 I NEED to use this on my crush, that is really how I feel

Rituparna Saha says:


Sora's Republic says:

Tested one of them on my friend and he said "Thanks for that pick up line now I know how to get girls!"

Dan The Gamer says:

Which song is this

白『Shiro』 says:

Gonna use these ones on my crush

pinky soda pop says:

Lol,i cant read it bc the song was lit haha😂

Candygamer Playz says:

Anyone single,that reads these to feel loved?
Just me

sits in the corner

Dracon Uchiha says:

What was that song?!?😍

Thalia Suarez ramos says:

I want something like this 😭 is that too much to ask….
Too bad real life guys ain't like that tho 😥

Noor Abdelkader says:

I'm soo in love right now
sigh it's sad how long I've been single for

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