Most Touching Quotes About Broken Heart After Betrayal

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Watch This Movie And See Those Touching Quotes About Broken Heart After Betrayal…
Don’t Let This Happen Again, Learn How To Make Him A Monogamy Junkie:

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Francine Bravo says:

I just want u to. B happy baby

Savi Dass says:

Only one time true love this is true love they never ever cheat. So many story they died for that. i feel the same this is only once happened.i guess.because never happened life before. I am realy i am frant of god. Just my pray is save this love

Victoria Highfill says:

Yes and I agree with Cher…..
"Love can find you any time in life"
Only blue skies and billions of smiles ahead.😇💓💋

Carol Lindley says:

We can fix our broken hearts but not our sexuality. 🤔

Sundeep Dasari says:

I didnt betray you. I am helpless

Cindy C. says:

No betrayal

Flower rose Gumamela says:


i s a b e l l a says:

Second comment

jesselynn mazel says:

I. The first comment.

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