Most Heart Touching Sad Quotes

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Most Heart Touching Sad Quotes

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unicornpack Villegas says:

I made one up

It hurts to know how much you want to cry but it hurts even more if its because of someone

Andrew Wilson says:

The good times today are the sad thoughts of tommorow.. damn

makame haji says:

Never heard that but 2day I see it really it's school of thought not every body can got it..

Deanna Marin says:

I just love the music! "What is this Beautiful sound?!?!"

Gidywee TV says:

1. Trust is setting a prisoner free and realizing that prisoner is you
2. Don’t look back, the past already happened, it is over
3. Trying to live life without friends is trying to write with an unsharpend pencil
4. If you don’t want to cry, all you half to do is laugh
5. What you feel on the inside is 10 million times worse than the pain on the outside

Josephine Burgos says:

I cannot say a word. I am broken.

Chelsea Trixie Jill Ybarley says:

U lose bcoz he is a cheater and he is the one who broke our friendship…if someone cheat infront of u

Susan Cole_Kotas says:

It's indeed a heart touching qoute😂

Susan Cameron says:

U I seen it remember u did it

Naz Nauth says:

Beautiful quotes

Rachel Green says:

You left and I cried tears of blood. My sorrow grows. So sad but that's life.

Renaissance Man says:

Hi, I hope you're okay cuz I saw a deviation / diversion in your walking steps. That's why, I wonder, are you okay ??? Would you let me know please ????

Vic Maa says:

It says all in my life, I just lost a friend but believe me some friendship are just mint to friends nothing else but it hurt when your friend see you as something else because some friends are just for friends and it sad to lose them

Maria Mercado Maglalang says:

Yess very touching emotionally .love beautiful sad qoutes.

Trudy Jones says:

8:37, Well, I guess God is summoned by me alot.

Are In says:

Lieber Rafael, ich kann nicht mehr warten. Wegen dir habe ich 13 Jahre meines Lebens verschenkt. Ich bin 40 Jahre alt! Es ist nicht gewollt das wir zusammen kommen sollen. Kein Lebenszeichen, keine email. ..

LittleClosetWitch says:

I think other ninjas r cutting onions in my room

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