Message to my boyfriend ❤AZBS❤

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Through ups and downs, I will always love you 🙂

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Cindy C. says:

I would fight if the person in the email had actually been you.

Rinchhani 24 says:


Marjorie Lanka says:

Hi honey, I love you so much! But, my heart is heavy right now, because of what I've read, online, today and what the Word says. Please read Proverbs 2:15-19. That one's, for me. Plus, I've told you I've forgiven you, for all you have done, because God has. That's true, but I'm dealing, now, with the "two shall become one flesh, just, as the church becomes one, with Christ." — where ever that is found. You have been forgiven, but you still have become one, with each person, you have been with. So if we marry, would that make me one, with each of them, too? That concerns me, greatly! Especially the P. in service. Also, I'm dealing, with what " willful" sin is. Is that sin where you know better, but do it anyway? That doesn't seem right. Is it purposely sinning because one hates things of God? I've never had it settled, in my mind exactly what willful sin is. But the Bible says there is "no forgiveness", for that. So would it have, to do, with denying Christ? That would be willful and permanent. These are my thoughts, I'm groveling with, today. I just wanted you, to know. I want you so badly, that it's so easy, to gloss, over important things. I haven't been able, to deal, with this, before now. But we must! This is heavy and I'm so sorry, to burden you, with it. But you need to know, my thinking. Better now than later.

Tiffany Baxter says:

My partner can't even say my name…so that says it all….

Sherifatu Bingo says:

Who is just watching as am doing?

carol Farley says:

What is your day is going on with out

The Fernandez Sisters says:

I am crying my boyfriend said he loved me and KISSED ME ON THE CHEECK BEHIND A TREEEEE

Pat Cook says:

I love the song. I will be sticking on to you no matter what.

Odessa Clark says:

I am in your corner always, you're stuck with me! 🙂

Jhonalyn Odero says:

Hi…. can you teach me how to do the intro message.😊😊😊i would like to do the same

Claudia Rojas says:

Beautiful mesage mi soul is for you! !! Right love you

Darshwick says:

Sent this to the homies

CAMPO 48 says:

This shit suck as fuck

LadyAnne Trust says:

I PROMISE I Will Love You More Each Day

Want to be your FOREVER…💓💓💓💓

Sherly Permatasari says:

How do you make this?

hew95 pm says:

plz someone tell me name of this song

tonkeswar gohain says:

How did u make this video??

Eden BENNETT says:

Thus song is from my cousin elvis Presley

Robyn Williams says:

anyone reading this comment i wanted to tell you something…. Today at school someone called me fat and I am ignoring them because i like making others feel positive about themselves and i just wanted to say to you don't change yourself for other people. You are wonderful just the way you are. I hope you have an amazing week x

Aye_Jenny says:

I feel single asf XD

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