Love Quotes ❤️ Your Hugs, Kisses and You.

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Just your hugs, kisses and you.

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Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Sometimes YOU lie to I ok! and I have to say good bye ok! YOU don't know love at all ok! YOU have mommy yea Love, Sister and so do I ok! Love goes further ok! iT'S CALLED SOUL MATES , SO GET A CLUE OR LEAVE ME ALONE OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

But YOU give up ok! Love you always Ok! Just understand the LOVE !!! YOUR YOUNG AND DON"T UNDER STAND OK! ❤❤❤🤗💋😎😍👍💕💖😉

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Me to But she is Play me and the rams honey sorry lets play, women

Tina Dilworth says:

I love you rjr….

Macushla XOXO says:

I would do anything to love you like this

Bettyd wanti says:

Hugs kiss love you💕❤

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