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Sometimes we just have to accept that pain and love are two sides of the same coin. Unbearable as it might be, you cannot separate pain from love.
If you’re experiencing heartache because of loving too hard and too deep, here are some quotes that might help you ease the pain.

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Mike or patty Rhoades says:

OK! Why did I get recommended love pain quotes?????HAHAHAHA LOL!!!

Salman Aslam says:

i am going to cry

Angela Patterson says:

This to me sheds a loss of hope on love and it's wrong the message it sends. It feels like to love is to die. If changes don't lead to permanacy. It was only something of a pass into life. Loves doesn't pass and pain isn't what you learn from it. The difference is what you learn. This claims letting go with pain in the response is the conclusion. I don't think that's the healthy response. That's ignoring what was inside your own self and pushing it down painfully. And supposedly you heal. From my experience you only heal when it's confronted. Your own face is what you see in the reflection a mirror gives back. Break that mirror what's the old saying bad luck for 9 years. Now turn that 9 upside down. A symbol of the devil's assault on you by prolonging hidden pain.
I say face things healthy. Continue to understand yourself. Don't push it down. Envelope your true self by love. If two can't be one. You can still love you best by what you learn. To me these depressive quotes are sending the worse response to all. Love yourself enough to be first. Healthy minds heal by love not pain.

Donna Skinner says:

No one has to tell me this!! I know I am living in a I wish world!!

Yukimi KIM says:

Its 5 years relationship and now he is with another girl. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 i cant explain more. i'm crying like 3 months.

Elizabeth Schuyler says:

My bf broke up with me on New Year’s Day. I understand why, but I don’t even know why I thought it would work. This always happens to me. He was the only boy that I ever loved and now it’s over. I always get stabbed in the back by people who I thought cared about me. He broke up with me in hopes to help me, but it didn’t help. It only made things worse. He said he still likes me, but idk. And it was via text so that made it even worse. He said he felt horrible, but I helped him feel better as much as I could. I really don’t know what to do or say to show how much this hurts. I’m always the one who loves more. Then that always comes back and bites me in the a**.

Rose Agaatsz says:

True love never dies. If the one is for you. She or he will be there. If not just let it go. No matter how much it hurts you. Nothing last forever. God only knows.

My Phuong Huynh Thi says:

U must stop tex ting in utube so everything is ok

Muhammad Irshad Chughtai says:

I will never stop thinking about u
Bcz u r my life
Stopping from thinking u will be death only

Rose Agaatsz says:

Beautiful and true !

Ester Willis says:

It's not that you can't forget them it's that they won't let you forget them! Sometimes we meet people that say they have let you go but in their hearts they still hold on. They will do things even if it's subliminally they still put things out there to try to keep you. They may even hate you for not being what they wanted you to be in their lives and insinuate and say ugly things. This I know from experience.

sinclear savior says:

I gotta tell you your videos depress the life out of me.stop posting this shit.

Nadia Shahzadi says:

Kise. Nea. Phan. Let's. Tha. Sorry. Jaan

I Really Hate My Life says:

I went through a breakup on this year's valentines day and I still cant move on
We broke up because on valentines day I was waiting for him for 4 hours in the cold night hoping he will come but when I decided to go to his place.. I got in and saw him f*cking my own best friend..
And I confronted him and he said that he didnt even really loved me because im just a simple low-life girl compared to my wealthy best friend..
Pretty f*cked up

Rican Marrero says:

Losing one u never met come on really??????Not once did I see the real u I saw many of black men yep and then u changed to a white how narcissistic is that hmmm o o o

Sushmita Banerjee says:

I don't know what is more painful someone who left u in problems or someone who lost everything after getting the dreams he had chased for, can it be real love

Lyric Gibson says:

For this point iam annoying you Greg Roderick bye

Lyric Gibson says:

Chris I choose then over Greg Roderick bye for ever

amar namdev says:

Pyar Ak se hua Ak se rhega ager uska nhi to kisi. Se nhi rahega

Rhonda Soullier says:

Imagine, you could avoid all that by having an adult conversation, learning how to have a healthy chat about grown up stuff. Not doing this adulting thing makes you a hurtful kind of man. Try not to gossip about me with the girls at the bakery, they all know me. Odd since I've never been introduced. It's better to get your feet a little wet in a tiny conflict then allow yourself to burn to death.

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