'Love' in Romeo and Juliet: Key Quotes & Analysis

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Studying Shakespeare? Dr Aidan, PhD in Shakespeare, provides you with the 4 KEY THEMES in Romeo and Juliet that will help you to unlock the play and strengthen your understanding of the key themes. This video covers the fourth theme – Love.

The 10 Most Important Quotes in Romeo and Juliet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lPUtwhKTJE

Quick, relaxed, and informative, The Complete Guide to Shakespeare aims to make the plays accessible to everyone.

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Three Crosses By Philip Barrington

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Fxhuss953 says:

this helped me so much with today’s exam, thank youuuuuuuuuu

Vitz Knows says:

Love how i watched this video this morning and the relationship between Romeo and Juliet came up in the AQA paper, thank you so much

Dylbobz says:

A dove trooping with crows is also a very good symbolism of the way Shakespeare links love with death. This is done throughout the play to foreshadow the later tragedy.
Doves are often free’d at weddings and as you said represent purity. However, crows are symbolic of death, suggesting that Juliet is ‘trooping’ and stumbling down the path in which fate shall lead her to her death. Hopefully my exam tomorrow is about love or fate 😁

Cloey walker says:

got anything about christmas carol? any key quotes you can tell for that like 4 themes and some quotes please tell thanks.

Jaraban says:

What does petrarchan love mean, is it the same as unrequited

Joel Street says:

Like this for good luck

A snek Boi says:

You saucy boy:Shakespeare

A snek Boi says:

Crows are beautiful to

Adel Aderibigbe says:

Absolutely great video. could you please do videos on characters in romeo and Juliet.

Hisham Ahmed says:

Please could you do these kind of videos on the characters. It would be very appreciated

Hisham Ahmed says:

Great video👍
Any chance you could do these kind of videos on the other themes such as: Religion, Conflict, Family, and Marriage

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