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Sallie Mae says:

I dont know why I am here again.The above are so true if both love each other and accept each other unconditionally then love will survive.This is weird I have been following him for 10 months.No single day that i dont think about him.He is my gift from God.He helped me go back to God again.The problem is the 25 years age gap.The boy is the youngest one.In real life this age gap is a big deal.i could sacrifice my love for him.I want him to have more children.i dont want to be a hindrance for his happiness and success.I love him.

Sallie Mae says:

Did I say the below statement 2 days ago early morning .I am awake and he is awake.Did i say i want to forget him and today I said I will wait.YEAH is this one of your many channels.You know what since I found you I will definitely wait.Final answer.I wonder who really owns this channel and where does he live?You are bad.i first went to this channel when you said about cooking and then after that you opened your e-book review.Where do you live?Do you live across the street.If you want me to cook you better call or text.On New Year Eve I thought Alto Nero is your channel .I invited you there to come and eat with us.My daughter cooked lobster,oxtails,salmon,chicken,Lumpiya shanghai, and I braced the rain to buy triple chocolate mousse but you did not come.Are you that shy.When we went to church before New Year were you the guy wearing blue sweat and blue hoodie?You opened your e-book review when I was in Target Flushing were you there?My beloved can you please stop hiding?I come to you as a friend no string attached.

Sallie Mae says:

Thank you that you are still awake.Can you give me advice on how to decipher a man.I adore this man even give him my phone and address on his e-book and yet he never called and text.How can I forget about him.It truly hurts when you love somebody and they just totally ignore.Give me advice how to forget him.

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