I love you baby 💘 Romantic Love Quotes for Him From The Heart 💘

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The love message video well suited for special occasions,
Girlfriend – boyfriend – relationship ❤


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Bridget lee says:

Our love story begins..💋

Phethile Maseko says:

Everyday i love you more than yersteday…❤u babe

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Oh now your perfect hahahaha LOL, I guess this is for YOU! honey. Love you xoxoxo You have me in tears this time laughing LOL. 😜😜😜😂😎😍💕💖❤😘😉

sara smile says:

i love you mom and dad
i am glad to be your daughter

sara smile says:

i love you mom and dad
i am glad to be your daughter

tiffany nathasingh says:

Derek oh !y this is perfect

Jelena Vojvodic says:

High light of my life.. You.. "

Lana Seal says:

To my love 💕

Lisa Fulton says:

Xoxo my love

Norma Morrell says:


Elle Meek says:

Melllltttt! 💞

Dwi Wahyu Ningsih says:

Hemmm.. Lets be sweet together nice words😍😍😍💞💕💞💕🍇🍃🍇

Edith M. says:

Beautiful words… Thank you for this nice quotes 🙂

Reveron Everon says:

Morning my big baby boy sorry I felt asleep and the video kept on running sorry
Have a nice day

amelia randolph says:

Here's to you ❤️💫💫💫💫💫💫

maryjane Downs 123daniel says:

I just like to know who sends these to me I get everyday have know idea thank you who ever does

Latoya Nembhard says:

Wow so beautiful you make me blush

anju Satya says:

Sunshine very gd evening my dearest love i miss u too much my love had ur dinner another full day we have to wait to see each other Sunshine my Jaan from yesterday u have occupied my mind my heart beats urs eye's r looking at me Sunshine,how is ur tall friends he must have teased u yesterday seeing my flexibility bcoz when i was leaveing they were with u Sunshine,my flying kiss to u Sunshine catch it put on ur lips remembering me feel it my warm hug to u Sunshine my sweetest darling love miss u miss u love u more than myself darling

Eugene Robert says:

Why can't someone write like that for me that would be real true love

Dorothy Thornbury says:

My journey is always love u

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