I Love You a message for someone special ♥ Love quotes ♥

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vaishali raghav says:

I love you Anil come soon forever ti me shona🙏🙏

Roberta Luchey says:

"Valentine", i surely miss you; Do you know even thou we have our UP- DOWN, i have never stop loving you for a second;.

Lyric Gibson says:

Or miss you

Lyric Gibson says:

I dont love you greg

Lyric Gibson says:

I dont what see the message greg dont care

Lyric Gibson says:

Not listing to u greg bye

Its Daylia says:

For my daughter's father even tho he's moved on

Vineeta Sehgal says:

Words for a lifetime.

Diane Hayse says:

Love you to the moon and back

Nilo G. says:

Sweetheart thank you so much for so nice love quotes, l love you so much l' m here to love you to care for you, l'm waiting for you l will marry you soon we will be togethere forever, l love you sweetheart!

Josephine Burgos says:

Thank you so much. I understand what your trying to tell me. Nice day.🤗

Nilo G. says:

Love, thank you for so beautiful quotes,l love you so much my love your always be in my heart lam yours and you are mine, soon we will togethere forever!

Desiree Wade says:


Sweet Deva says:

Your love inspires me

Roberta Luchey says:

"Cont valentine"surely you are stubborn, or course that is part of you, "i love you so; be safe, keep warm.

Roberta Luchey says:

"Valentine"i love you, miss you terribly, thank you for, your patience and understanding with me,to me you are greatest.

Audrey Norton says:

Every Time I See Your Face I Feel Like Running And Finding You Where Ever You Are. You Are Everything To Me Honey. I Love You. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💓😀💓😀💓💓💓💓💓💓

Lorraine Llamas says:

I love dandelions I blow them and make wish!!!😁💋✨🌷✨for you!!!

Manju Kansal says:


Nilo G. says:

My love, thank you for the beautiful love quotes , l love you so much my love with all of my heart, l wanna be with you forever, love dito na pala ako sa bahay mahal ko!

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