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Funny Quotes About Love – Quote World
15 Funny Love Quotes From Comedians Who Totally Get You. Funny love quotes are compiled in the Video to make some fun with the romance. The true lover always want to see smile in her face. The best way to make her / her laugh to share some love quotes and create some humor in lovely environment.

Laughter brings round health and happiness especially when fun is mixed up with love – such is our category full of funny love quotes. Life could offer us all kinds of bitter sweet moments, however, if we approach them with a smiling face and a light heart, then, it won’t be hard at all; actually quite on the contrary – love and laughter would be our true companions then.

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funny quotes about love
15 Funny Love Quotes
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Sophie Williams says:

Keep it fun. Not funky.

Ali Saeed says:

My alarm is a jealous whore

Mervis Moyo says:

If LOVE had reasons… is not LOVE at all. I have NO excuses for loving those I have chosen to LOVE. TRUE LOVE is a one way STREET. I just LOVE them….that's all…….💖❤💟

Sarah Raja says:

Not 26 but 16 ,

Project Zorgo 24 says:

Why I’m seeing this please stop

Project Zorgo 24 says:

Who are you

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