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A collection of sad, love quotes but also inspirational and motivating quotes!

Dedicated to a very special person. Hope you like it.

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Caroline Lim says:

I promise to love you forever, waiting for you to come back to me, Are you believe with me………….? 😘😇👌

HappyFinale says:

Me too augustine. I really appreciate it. It just seems like he really
doesnt want to be with me from what assumptions I am
making but I just need to play it cool as it says.Now,
everybody wants us to get back now.:))

TheReflexification says:

Life is too short to be unhappy +Lisa Lim  . You still
have chance on getting him back. Try this:
GettingBackTheEx . info
Ive used there program and in just a matter
of few techniques used, my ex boyfriend was
going crazy on winning me back to him. And
now, we both are happy gettin our relationship
stronger. 🙂

Wait Whet says:

VV_VV my last crush ever has broken my heart :"""""( i went crying for a long time telling my mom about it

zazz7177 says:

i hv only ever had 1 love cuz after that first 1 breaking my heart, i never wanted to love again.

Jordyn Jackson says:

hey don't frown because someone hurt you because you never know who is falling for your smile <3

Jordyn Jackson says:

i love this song from 4:01 to 5:03

Sirk Sagrav says:

while reading some of your comments, somehow i feel relief because of the feeling "IM NOT ALONE BEING BROKEN, SAD & LOVELESS :'("

Zafaryab Khan Ansari says:

@MsLraj so emotional :'(

Lisa M.R says:

A.C.J…you'll never see the tears beneath my smile , the confusion beneath my delight, my hope beneath my laughter when i see you. Walking into love is different, i fell into love and never got up. im still here, no matter how far i run i keep running back to us. you stole my heart feel like im drowing in a pool of ice water, my lips have turned blue with the glue you used to stick me to you… <3.
L.M.R. 2011.

gian paolo Bianchi says:


sammy nicole says:

2:29 i cant express how true it is

chikay18 says:

nice one…♥

chikay18 says:

nice one..♥♥

chikay18 says:

nice one..♥

MewMewXX says:

Awesome! <3

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