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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Premjot Randhawa says:

Make more videos like this

Alan Wilson says:

Thanks, LaFleur. These helped a lot.

Amylor Alwyn says:

i dont knw how to spell u a 'wow'💓

Magie Love says:

When we begin to love ourselves enough,
We stop chasing people who don't love us.

Awww… i hope i can love myself now

Natalia Kh says:

Much love, thank you !

Rose Agaatsz says:

Love is you , me , all !!! ❤️

Sky Grey says:

There's this guy.
Who I met last year
We text pretty frequently
But only when he needs something
Or when I find an excuse to message him

There's this same guy again
Who I liked after a few months of knowing him
Pretty sure he doesn't like me back
No one knows of my feelings for him
And the worse part is,
He doesn't belong to me, but to my friend

It's was always him
But I keep my feelings to myself
He's so oblivious
I want him to like me back, but at the same time, I don't.

He's not perfect.
He has flaws.
He has a bad trait.
But unfortunately, that doesn't stop my feelings from going.

Few days ago, he had a test.
Mathematics to be precise.
He didn't own a calculator, but I did.
He's not in good terms with my friend, which is now his ex…
So he borrowed mine
And I can't help but feel I was being lead on

It hurts so much when you like someone who doesn't like you back.
….or maybe I already love him

Who knows, right?
But no. I don't want it.
I want the feelings to go away

He's in the popular bad boy group in my school
While me, I'm in the normal ones.
My life is like the typical cliche high school romance.
But with a twist, he won't ever fall for me

Nefeli Mendes says:

When we begin to love ourselves enough, we stop chasing people who don't love us… ♥♥

Sheronda Nembhard says:

Always beautiful 💕💕💕💕

czerene Bins says:

Its the reality……..

iiMagicMystic says:

You honestly need so much more love.
These quotes are amazing and help me keep going during hard times.

Sara khan says:

I did wait and time healed nothing

Karishma Bagla says:

Who is the singer in all your videos? 🤩😍

Karishma Bagla says:

The quotes, the photographs, the music, everything is so… M speechless.. Thank you for creating these with so much love ❤️💜

ronke olatunji says:

your quote is the only thing that keeps me going

Zikra Hussain says:


Αyia Joulafaki says:

Who disliked this?!?!?

Britnay Lopez says:

Beautiful just simply beautiful

Vishalika Sharma says:

People only go cold because it hurts so much to get burnt.💙

Jade Freefox says:

Love these quotes.

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