Deep Quotes #Love #Life

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Sistaabarbie 333 says:


Amna Ahad says:

0:26 so true

SciFi Angel says:

If you want Light., to come into your Life.. You need to stand, where it is shining.,☺

Waheeda Deosingh says:

These words make u really think… They make u tear up..but keeps u Strong.. Thank you. 😃💕

srijita's voice says:

A broken heart is not a weak heart😊💖💟

Md Nooruddin says:

I m not heartless, I hv jst learned to use my heart less..

dr jayaprakash Parameswaran says:

I love la fleur 😍

Emalisa Muniz says:

Anyone else want to recreate the pictures in these videos and wanna know where they got those cute outfits at

Amazing Broadcast says:


no name says:

I really love your videos! 😍❤🙏

Interesting Cognitive Inspiring says:

Ever wonderful ! Thank you !

Bokaho Sangtam says:

My crush😢😢

MeMo sy says:


Shanaya Liss says:

Your quotes are always there when no one is…😏😍♥️

Manan Yadav says:

Another one….😍😍💖💖💖

Pradeep Kumar says:

Outstanding quotes and motivational ❤️

manisree kona says:

How strange it is to wake up with eyes searching for someone not there!!
Couldn't stop tears from flowing. Thanks a ton LaFleur❤

czerene Bins says:

To close old doors you need a new locks…

Lovely Seasons says:

Better to make ourselves happy in this world

Anjali limbu says:

Your all quotes are speechless 😑
A broken heart is not. A weak heart
Just love it.💓
Love from Nepal

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