Deep Quotes about Love & Life

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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LaFleur says:

Some beautiful things don't want to be held… 🌻
Instagram: @LauraChouette

Basheer Ahmad says:

I just love ur quotes . I mean they're very heart touching 💟💟💟💟ur a doing a gr8 job laura 💓💓keep it up 🌹🌹

Chitra Das says:

Heart touching beautiful lines..thanks …..enjoy reading ….

Krish breezy says:

Thank you for such inspiring quotes.❤

Mrs. Kim says:

-We reach back for things we can never grasp again-"😔😢

878Books Chanel says:

Thank you for sharing. Your videos are great in quality. Very beautiful image. Can you show me how to be like you. Sincerely thank you!

Sophie Foster Fan Club says:

"A Queen knows how to build her empire with the same stones that were thrown at her."

Sophie Foster Fan Club says:

Could you do a video on quotes about strong queens?

Fenelope Antonio says:

Hey gooday everyone …Iloveit i wish moree subscriber too comeee😍😄 godbless you i really love every videos you upload hope you dont stop uploading…😊😘

Tara Mae Ebarat says:

LaFleur I really really love your heart broken music video about someone . please upload more video ..

Dram Sel says:

"Give me a little time to free myself from the ME everyone wants me to be."

Graciefull love says:

Every quote that i read from LaFleur just describes my feelings so well i love it.

sorya khaled says:

" Give me a Little time to free myself from the me everyone wants me to be. " very nice like always. Thank's ⚘❤⚘👍

Waheeda Deosingh says:

Much love n thanks again…hits home every time…amazing.😍😍💗

Vanessa Reynolds says:

There are things you haven't even discovered yet that will make you happier than you know .Thank you Lafleur for the Beautiful quotes ☺😍😍

Shreya Negandhi says:

Wether it be the most tiring and irritating day your quotes are always a stress buster!!

Khushi Bhola says:

Your all quotes just hit straight into my heart . They are just awesome . I can not tell even what they mean to me . They define my feelings maam .Thank you . May god bless you …. may

mystery girl says:

Love it 🎇

Vaishali Joshi says:

Soo nice with so beautiful music!!😍😍😍😍

Sejal M says:

Thank you La Fleur for another amazing video…!! Your each quote has got a positive energy and thanks for inspiring each of us every single time! You are really great!! I am grateful to have your quotes! Love you!! ❤❤❤

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