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song: ya’ man aint me – Chris Brown

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rita nia says:

Love u baby habibi

JoyceTexts says:

2:19 reminds me of him

Emma Allen says:

1:51 is so true

katie knowles says:

Love it and the song title is yo man aint me by chris brown x

Annakay Campbell says:

Anybody know the title of this song?

Jenna Demers says:

2:04 and 2:20 describe me and my boyfriend perfictly

Matt F says:

I do love somebody but she we'll she wouldn't date a guy like me

Kim Martin says:

so cute!!! But sad

skyler krauel says:

ooh heres a good one missing you is like the desert missing the rain … BURN

Mila Rose Castro Cubilla Hickman says:

Just because I finally got over you doesn't mean there aren't days when it all just come rushing back. <3

Kiara Houston says:

@fkencutie321 o ok lol thx ;D

Kiara Houston says:

@ 2@7 r thosse manican or fake pplz/ statues hands?

Kiara Houston says:

@ 2:27 r those manican of fake pplz hands??

Dori Marie says:

Aw that was cute replay button prepare to be raped! Haha 🙂

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