Cute love quotes/pics

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Bunch of quotes and pictures, hope you like them. Song yiruma-river flows in you

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elsa Tyagi says:

wow this was very amazing… i loved this so……… much… i want more please!!!😍😍😍…

Yuliana Royce says:

wow this video is to die for

I_am _a_cat says:

0.49 is me :’-(

Guadalupe Osorio says:

wow I cant believe iam 11 i had a bf for 8 months and now i just don't know what to do cause its like he dont care as much as he used to and he send me this video and it made me cry but he send me this video when I had my first kiss with him i still remember everything ever sence i met him to know like if it was all yesterday oh please isael just come back to me i love u and i need u

Guadalupe Osorio says:

I love u bf and thank u for sending me this video

Thrill Ville says:

I liked the video i think you could add one thing.
I said this to my girlfriend she was sooo happy.

I asked god for a flower he gave me a bouquet
I asked god for a kinute he gave me a day
I asked god for true love he gave me that too
I asked god for an angel he gave me you

Ethan Aiko says:

Wow amazing love the vid!!!! Love the song too (Yuriama)

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