Cute Love Quotes Part 2

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This is another bunch of my favorite love quotes. The layout is the same as the first, but there is a different song and no repeted quotes. The song is called “Kissing You” from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.

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Inspirational Art says:

"How splendid challenging the life is, so then, the impossible I will adventure"  Dr.Mohammed Faig Abad Alrazak

Assem Khair says:

We need part 3

Lester Cienfuegos says:

what is the violin song playing?

margie fernandez says:

i veRY lOVES tHESE quateS

cristiano da silva says:

so amazing your cute love quotes i like thanks

emmalovesyouuu says:

Uhh this makes mesas

emmalovesyouuu says:

Uhh this makes mesas

anna dolly says:

1.Say selena 5 time
2.Clap 5 times
3.Post this on two other videos
4.Check your voice

LEO A-F-S says:

In 476048 viewers , there's a 69 demons that don't have a heart .

Chloè Deering says:

69 dislikes…. Well they don't care about love…. They just want one thing!

dreaaaxx V says:

Your quotes are sometimes cheesy but they were all full if meaning 😀 imma like

maeve jill says:

When I have a daughter of my own and she says to me "mommy who was your first love" I want to be able to point across the room and say with a chuckle "honey he is right there in front of me and you"

Vache Poezia says:

Very Nice To Lissen, it seems how my quotes video.

cocoa dlink says:

i cry every time i read thees

xxHockeyMonkey92xx says:

Met her six years ago during my freshman year of highschool, and she's still the first person that pops into my mind when I watch this video; yet she has/always will see me as just a friend.

Nothin Personal says:

yea, one year ago I met a girl who I really like. first I thought it was just a crush and that it'll be over after the summer but I still like her. sadly am still at the part that she only knows my name… I used to sit next to her sometimes but the only thing that I can say is hi. and now every time I see her I look the other side or walk away because i'm to scared to say something stupid. love sucks….but love it though:)

JessieS says:

Oh my gosh every time I see stuff like it make me cry because it reminds me of a boy I like I keep telling my self that I don't love him but I do I can't stop thinking about him this and the 1 part of the video is almost like my life it's hard thinking that I can't love him forever can I? Every time I look at him now I feel all weird inside but I like it… When at 1st I saw him I liked him but not that much now I can't stop thinking about him…

Poet Shi says:

Nothing's like,
waking up on a
saturday morning..

With you in my arms.

Love the way,
we celebrate our love.

We're in tune to each other,
like our favorite tv show.

Closer than
no ones ever known.

Lovers in a world of our

Nothing's like,
being in love with you.

Sharing intimacy with you.

Your the one,
that completes me.

The one I can't do without.

I love you without a doubt !!

Nothing's like,
waking up on a
saturday morning..

With you in my arms.

Written by: Poet Shi

Kuo Raphael says:

is it a sin to love you? not with great respect…not with the feelings of my heart…but with how people going to say or do?

Brandon Young says:

so glad i read this! i probably would of been scared too(:

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