Cute Love Quotes for HIM (^__^)

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AmazingPicsCollection says:

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved!" – George Sand

zak Sarwari says:

I wanna whisper in your ear Softly just like your skin while I'm kissing your gorgeous neck >>>I'm in love with you //°zμ¥ gulem .🌸❤💋

Tab Sansouci says:

at least i can come here…without being locked out of my own account like baby in the corner…that's ok, i can be me & safer to be me on here pain wise…& enjoy what's of my heart…you tube has great stuff…if peoples miss me ever they can let me know…i don't wanna annoy or feel to be in the way,  now,   at this point…  luv luv my peoples much, but want them to be happy cuz drama just urks me & makes me wanna be sarcastic just to end the start…& then i misread or peoples will think i mad toward them…

Tab Sansouci says:

the last things i said since been on line here, was right here…My heart like homesick,sinks thru its sincerity, of which sincerely remains, here within these words, of my origionial post… So… i come here… cuz in silly way feels like arms that which feels like home…off & on been in tears for days cuz silly errors & ass backwards moments over other things & most important things went wrong…but here… my heart remains unconditionally thru my words & what it all means for me in my private folder where i keep this…:( & 🙂 & 🙁

Tab Sansouci says:

Well youtubers, data so slow & phone issues & changes with it….& all i said of recently below is what I'll always feel every day 🙂 & still loving this1 so thx for the inspiration to my heart to give me courage of mine, for sharing…have awesome day

Tab Sansouci says:

This is really sweet in my private collection. 🙂 & so I saying this in private like a diary & grateful for this space to do it in with private settings to…. I so wish he knew how grateful I am for him & still proud of him for the man & friend I experienced with him & the best thing that ever could've happened to me & everything that happened to me was for my good & it changed me in ways it might not have til way too late & so I'm not sorry cuz I luv him & I not sorry that I do & I'm only sorry anything lacking from me then changed everything that ever mattered… and even tho i wish the reasons were or had nothing to do with losses or any of my sorrows, I'm glad I dropped to the damn floor, no better reason than to, like a kick in the ass I needed b4 I realized i needed it, for the 1 I'd die for & loved that much cuz it & he is the reason I'm where I'm at today so if I gonna drop he'd be the only reason I would drop & no woman can tell me they loved more… but I most sorry & give anything to just hold him & tell him if I ever hurt him, it f%#? Kills me of the thought that if he ever felt for 1 second emotional pain or ever cried for feeling less than or regret… he's so amazing in everything he ever did & the balls & strength he carries & for all of him, my rock, my blessing I truly believe God intended for his entrance to my life know it would take him & all I ever wanted, needed to find that I always did even b4 I met him which only I understand & I'll leave it at & I believe all that happened was suppose to 4 my stubborn ass that we both r & believe lessons r mutual in that regard but I only wished for different outcomes…so I never hated or regretted him just the situation that's where my mind gets fkd up & it comes out wrong that's completely opposite of what my heart & soul feels cuz I miss him & it makes feel anger & pain b cuz I do & cuz I luv luv most everything about him :)… but 🙁 if I ever hurt him or caused him pain at all & for that I'd rather die…He's my gem of friend cuz I knew behind my f%#? Stupid wall I stood behind, I was seeing so much I connected to of old me ;), he's my gem of a man I never could luv or want of any other & past mistake don't matter to me because we all make them & dark sides r in all of us, & he's my gem in my eyes 😉 too…I am so sorry if I ever made him feel like everything is his fault…I don't ever want him to feel that…I don't regret him, I luv him & as friend too & always…I've never loved both ways before so equally strong at the same time…& separately but additionally on a naughty level I also never wanted Any1 so much on white passion reasons with red passion levels b4 as him,… all 3 luvs in that order wrapped together… & yet even if just in arms I am home…& so I am tearfully so sorry to have if had ever hurt him or broke his heart or upset him thru my pain of missing him..& I miss feeling untouchable safe with him too…Hell all he ever had to do when he was around was smile or look at me & it heals & soothes me, right thru me :)…I pray Every night he doesn't hate me or my luv that would kill me & I'd give anything to just be in his arms just to hold him…maybe 1 day I can & tell him this…cuz no matter what this is how I really feel inside…some beautiful quotes I would want to share

yanna says:

May 1st 2015 bitches 🌚💕💕

Wolf Cub says:

I almost cried

hailey fields says:

I love this:)

BoxDoge says:

This movie made me cry and smile.. while I thought about the one I love…Just what I needed Thank you soo much!!!

Amir Hamza says:

i love them 🙂

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