Cute love quotes for him ❤ Love’s stories

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I Love You message video. Love’s stories. Love message specially for You! – It is short romantic love message video with love song. The love message video well suited for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, Birthday ore Mother’s Day. goodnight LOVE
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youkouncoun says:

I miss you
love you like crazy
you'll never found someone who loves you as much as I do

Nilo Gumemba says:

I'll always love you my love with all of my heart forever!

Sihamo Sihamo says:

Iam with you. Jo

Sallie Mae says:

What are you saying.

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Ditto! For you again hahahaha LOL. 😍👍😎🤗💋💕😂😉

Josephine Burgos says:

I miss you today. You have me day dreaming. OMG, an old lady like me day dreaming, oh how wrong. It's your fault.

Bridget lee says:

You are the only one with the 🔑 to my heart ❤ my baby always love you and support you and take care of my baby always….

Shirley Rael says:

I need you, My Love❤️❤️❤️🌻💋💋💋💋

Joyce Hewitt says:


Sumana Pakanati says:

I love you naani

Susanna White says:


Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Hi! YOU do know this is for YOU right? OK I hope you love the messages hahahaa LOL, Love you honey. xoxoxoxo

Virginia Lacar says:

I miss you always darling.Take good much care!!!Stay strong, enough, patient enough, positive adreams and trust each other my soulmate leo forever sweetie 🐩🐩🐯🐯🏠🏠🎵🎵.. Miss na miss kita Gentle sa buhay ko 🐩🐩🐩🐯🐯 Ikaw palagi ang
nasa isipan ko.. See you soon darling!!!;

Sylvia Dean says:

I miss you so much. I need you here with me. Come and get me. Ring my door bell dimples. You no where i live. Waiting on you my love. Don't no if i can wait any longer. I love you so much.

Jana Elizabeth Sekelski says:

I need you too 😉

Jelena Vojvodic says:


Geeta Desai says:

Google I Loveyou so much Google U marryme rightdecision

Bridget lee says:


Bridget lee says:

I need and want you. In my life always love you more my sweetest LOVE 💘 😢🙏

RA D_2 says:

When I look in to your eyes… fine

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